Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Entry for Erin's Hardware Challenge

Erin, of Treasures Found, is hosting a challenge right now - use hardware store objects to create jewelry (the short version!). This is my entry. I know it's not a winner - there are some amazing creations to be seen! - but I had fun with the lock washers. They make great jump rings. The internal lock washer connects the ear wire, and the external lock washer connects the dangle (the spikey one). I was going to create a bracelet for the challenge as well, but had a migraine on Friday and a migraine hangover on Saturday and just didn't find the time to create this weekend. We did get our tree, however, so I feel something was accomplished! I may still make it, just to try it. I'll let you know!


stregata said...

Great idea, Sue!
Sorry to hear about your migraine - I really feel for you, having had countless migraines in the course of my life. Hope you're feeling better today!

Pearl and Pebble said...

Very cool!!!!

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