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Challenge of Music Blog Hop

Beautiful Day Charm Bracelet David Christensen cane glass, my lampwork glass spacers, charms Charms from Hint, Candace Wakamoto, Green Girl Studio Charms - Andrew Thornton pod headpin with swarovski rondelle, Thai Hill Tribe heart It's a Beautiful Day The incredibly talented Erin Prais-Hintz of Treasures Found is hosting a blog hop today, the Challenge of Music! We were to pick our favorite song and design a piece of jewelry related to that song. I have many many favorite songs. Probably you do too! Many songs that speak to you, remind you of days gone by, boyfriends, rough times, fun times, plain old joy. Music has really always been a part of my life - at one point I played the piano. At one point I played the flute. My dad used to quiz me about songs on the radio on the way home from my grandmother's house on Sunday nights. My first record was a Van Halen song! My cousin dated a radio dj and send me tapes of really cool bands like Santana. We would make up dances to

7000 Bracelets for Hope

Today I am participating in the 7000 Bracelets for Hope blog hop! Erin Fickert-Rowland of Elysian Studios and Christine of One-Kiss Creations are hosting the blog hop today for Global Genes, an organization that helps children with rare diseases. The concep is we make a blue bracelet to give to a family who has a child with a rare disease, to show our community support. I am so lucky that my children are healthy and active, I can't imagine the pain I would feel if one of them would have something seriously wrong. I think it would help to know that someone was thinking about me, supporting me, and recognizing the courage with which I approach life everyday - this is why I am participating! The bracelet above is the one I made. You can see what the other bloggers made by checking out the list below! And here's a link to Global Genes if you are interested in finding out more, or participating next year! Elysian Studios and One Kiss Creations The Studio Sublime Craf

Artisan Clay Design Team - Next to Last Reveal

I'm part of Kristie Roeder's Artisan Clay Design Team! Sadly, this will be the next to the last reveal day we have - she's going to close the group with the next challenge. I made these earrings with the components she sent me this month! I love them! I was thinking of making two bracelets with the components, but I really wanted earrings! I made the beads especially to go with the gorgeous colors in the charms! You can visit Kristie's blog here ! And you should visit her etsy store here - she has some really really pretty things going on in that store! I love the "bursts" in Oatmeal that she has listed right now! Please visit her blog to see what everyone else in the group made! And thank you, Kristie, for having me as part of your team! I enjoyed it, and I love your work!

Enamel Day!

I spent some time over the past two days making enamel head pins and beads and bead caps! Love the fluted bead caps, especially! You can find them in my SueBeads etsy store!

Floral Beads

I don't usually do florals but, as I was sitting at my torch on Friday, feeling depressed because I wasn't "feeling" it, I decided to just do some round beads. I made a bunch of round beads in pretty colors wrapped in silver foil, and then the idea just kind of hit me. I had some vine cane looking at me, and some other colors sitting together that wanted to be floral cane. I love making round beads and thus, my florals were born. No, they aren't extra special hard to make, or any better than anyone else's, but since I never do florals, I was kind of happy! I think they are pretty for spring! You can find them in the SueBeads etsy store!

New Beads!

I have a few new sets of beads listed in my SueBeads etsy store if you want to check them out!

Dry Wallin'

Red Transparent Pink Pink Transparent Clear So, I did spend my day with my boyfriend drywalling his bedroom addition. I didn't make beads or frit paddles but I did photograph some beads I made the other day so they will be listed later. Also, I made these cute heart earrings for my show, and I have some leftover - if you are interested in purchasing them, they are $12 with shipping included! Just shoot me a message or a comment and I can send you a paypal invoice! They are made with heart beads that I made using my Zoozii heart press. Cute! Oh, and I CAN make you some heart beads as well, if you like!

Getting Caught Up

Earrings made with my ribbed barrel beads! I am slowly getting caught up! I think I published and responded to all my blog comments - thanks so much for your patience! I am getting through my list of things I really need to do, and that doesn't even include cleaning my house or grocery shopping! But I've been taking these last few days off to get back on track. Sunday was lunch with a beer at Wild Wings and then Super Bowl! Yesterday I spent the entire day on the computer and went to my son's basketball game! Today, I have spent a large amount of time on the computer, have plowed through a few things on my list. If I don't help boyfriend drywall his new bedroom tomorrow, I will be making beads! Oh, and I have an exciting little project to complete too! I am doing frit paddles for Val Cox Frit, testing out to see how the frit looks on clear glass. I'll be opening an etsy store for my jewelry, soon, as well! AND I'll be making some beads for the goody ba

Kristi Bowman Design Copper Component Blog Hop!

Welcome to Kristi's first blog hop! She made some of her beautiful copper components, and invited us to purchase one and come up with a design and then do a little bloggy hop to see what everyone made! I love her work, as she knows, so I was right on it. I picked the sea urchin style which is just gorgeous! I used her piece as a connector, front and center, and made the little copper clasp. Which I don't like and will change... (hmmmm, I see a little pattern here). I made some beads that I think go amazingly well with the copper piece she made. They bring out the colors in her piece, and her piece brings out the colors in my beads! A perfect combo! Here's my finished piece. I really like it, except for the copper clasp I made, as I mentioned. I was under a little time crunch because I have a show today that I am not ready for but I'll definitely come up with a better clasp. Here's a list of everyone else who is participating - check out their blogs an

Artisan Clay Design Team Reveal

I am part of Kristie Roeder's Artisan Clay Design Team ! After a little hiatus, because she had mucho on her plate, she sent us each a piece to design around for this month - well, for January. I missed the deadline because of various and assorted excuses, the most major one being I had a neck spasm for over a week and a half and couldn't do much of anything! I finally did my piece today and must say, my idea didn't come out of my head the right way! So I am only giving you a little picniked peek, because I am going to redo it another day. I did make the beads to go with the clay piece, and they match much better in person than in photo! You can visit her blog to see what everyone else made! And check back for mine soon!