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Another Beaded Bead

I just listed this beaded bead in my etsy SueBeads store - I just wanted to share the photo with you because it turned out so great! The photo, I meant, but the bead turned out really great too!

Customer Beads

I had a customer who placed an order, but wanted some of my beads in a bigger, focal size. These beads are all about 24mm and look really good, BIG! It's a little bit hard to tell just what size they are from the photo, but the dime should give you an idea. I thought I'd post a picture of them, so you can see that I am always flexible when it comes to my beads! If you want them bigger, I'll try that! If you want them on a different mandrel size, just ask! If you want something similar but in different colors, I'm always up for experimenting! In fact, I enjoy it! I'll have some more beaded beads in my store later, and another Vetrofond ODD set in orange!

Beaded Bead

Here's my first beaded bead, done in lots and lots of size 11 japanese seed beads in a really pretty muted AB blue. It was made on a 10mm wood bead, that I bought in Hilton Head, and the finished size is 14mm. It's for sale in my etsy store - it was hard to determine a price for this baby, since it takes some time and eye strain to make. Hope you like it!

Another Purchase!

Here's another purchase I made while on vacation! Beth Hemmila, from HINT , on etsy, makes the most beautiful charms. I have been eyeing them for a while, and finally decided to buy one! This one is called happiness. I just love it! Later, I should have my first beaded bead that's good enough for sale in my etsy store! It's a really pretty blue one - when it's ready, I'll let you know!

Another Purchase

Here are two other items I purchased while I was on vacation! Lynn Davis, of Expedition D on etsy, makes these wonderful polymer clay creations! I have collected many of them. I love the hearts - I make earrings out of them, which is of course the obvious thing to do! But I do have a charm bracelet for sale in my BellaHannahJane etsy store that makes use of a heart as a charm. Very pretty! I also love the Prairie Leaf Oval that I just bought - love love love it! It's textured and lovely and earthy. I can't wait to make myself a necklace with it, with some of my own lampwork beads, of course!

Home Again...

We made it home! The drive wasn't so bad, except I ended up with a miserable cold (thanks engineer) and the engineer had a roadside stop because he didn't feel well - I will spare you the details! I didn't sleep all night, so I'm not making beads today. Too dangerous to put your hands in a flame and a kiln when you can't even see straight. As you know, I bought some great beads in Hilton Head and Savannah while I was on my spring break! I did some etsy shopping while I was away, too. I will just show a couple of things each day, since I can't figure out how to do the darn corel draw mosaic thing. The first things I will show you are some polymer clay pendants from Sharon of LiveWireJewelry . She's located in PA, too, and just recently opened up her etsy store. I have been following her and she has been following me in blogland, and we each purchased from each other - which is really cool! I really like the pendants - I can see my earth-toned lampwork beads

New Beads, Savannah Bridge, Palmetto Dunes Lighthouse

We did go to Savannah today, and I went to a bead store called Beadstro. The beads above are what I picked up! Some dyed coral, 2 strands of czech glass, a strand of blue faceted chalcedony, a strand of faceted jasper, a strand of really cool turquoise beads and two agaty focal beads. I had fun! The photo isn't that great because it's so cloudy here today, I really couldn't do the beads justice, again. I think if you click on the picture, you can see it larger and maybe see how great the beads really are! The bridge photo is the one that goes into Savannah from South Carolina - it's pretty cool. It's a very large suspension bridge. You can see the day was very cloudy, as everything pretty much looks the same color! The lighthouse is the one in Palmetto Dunes, where we live when we are here. It's not a useful lighthouse right now, I'll have to look up the history to see if it ever was used. The engineer, the boy and I took a bike ride to it this m

My First Beaded Bead

I mentioned that I wanted to go to the LBS to get some supplies to make some beaded beads - the kids were being too lazy for me to deal with! I did finally get there this morning and made my first beaded bead this afternoon. Here's how it turned out. NOT perfect, but not too bad, either. There are some places where I have too many beads. I do know that I will write down the number of beads in a row, for the next one, based on this one, to see if that helps. I did learn a few other things as well. (1) You really need to have all your supplies laid out in an orderly fashion before you start on this project! Just a really good idea for about anything in life, I'd imagine, but especially when removing little bitty seed beads from the thread - they tend to go all over the place if you don't manage them ahead of time! (2) Don't do bead weaving while you are making dinner, paying attention to three kids (clearly being outnumbered 3 to 1) AND trying to watch the news that y


YAY! I finally went down to the LBS here in Hilton Head today! It's called High Tide Beads. They have lots and lots of gemstones and findings and loose beads, etc. I bought the gorgeous turquoise beads up top - it's cloudy here today so I couldn't take a picture that does the beads justice. Believe me, they are gorgeous turquoise - there are 38 10mm teardrop shaped beads. The first thing I am making with them when I get home is some earrings! The wood beads are robles wood and there's 37 10mm beads on this strand. The bottom picture is of the supplies I wanted so I can try my hand at making a beaded bead. My friend Cristi at 2ifbysea send me some directions that she uses. The only problem was they didn't have the size 15 seed beads so I bought 11. I hope it's not too big. Oh well, at least I'm going to try! My wonderful son went to the bead store with me, so I bought him a little pirate bead. I'll put it on a cellphone strap for him, or som

Another Book

I bought another book when I was at the bookstore - The Art of Polymer Clay Creative Surface Effects, by Donna Kato. I mostly bought it because there are a lot of pretty pictures in it! But I have to admit that I would really like to learn how to make polymer clay beads. There are so many pretty ones out there that it really intrigues me. In particular, I like the chapters on transferring images onto clay. I love all the asian influences in her work that appears in this book. The book was $19.95 at the bookstore - I'm sure you could get it for less on Amazon. But I needed something creative to look at, so I parted with the money (remember, I'm Scottish!). Tomorrow we may go to Savannah, or we may stay here and see what time the girls get up - yesterday it was 1pm.

Forbes Farm GIfts

Check out this link to Forbes Farm Gifts for a great blog giveaway!

Beyond The Bead

I took the kids to the bookstore before dinner and grocery store yesterday (GEEZ - teenagers eat a lot!) and picked up this book for me, Beyond The Bead, by Margot Potter. I really like it. There's so much information, if you want to invest the $22.99. I needed some eye candy and some boredom busters and some new ideas, so I bought it. I like the I'll Fly Away - Creating Faux Enameled Jewelry section the most, I think. It's the bird earring and necklace set on the front cover. I have a lot of stamps from my life BK (before kids) so I think I have at least one thing on the list of things I would have to buy to make the project!!! I can say I recommend the book, if you are looking to expand your creativity beyond the typical beaded necklace/earrings! You may have to invest in some supplies, but if you are looking to take the jewelry you make and sell to a different level or in a different direction, then this book is for you!

Little Shells

My mom is laughing right now, because I've always liked "little" things. These are the little shells I found on the beach last night - my favorite kind here at Hilton Head is the lacy, ruffly looking one on the bottom second from left. Probably because they are the hardest to find and there doesn't seem to be very many of them. We don't get a lot of "good" shells here - I guess it has something to do with the coast line - the shells here are like this, and usually broken up. No sea glass, either. But lots of jellyfish and horseshoe crabs. When I was young, we went to Florida all the time because my grandparents owned a hotel there at Clearwater Beach. Sometimes we went to the beach and you could always find great shells there - I knew the names of all the shells! I even had a book, that's how interested I was in them. But I had to find them - it wouldn't be the same. I'd love to go to a beach where I could find sea glass - I love the


It is so windy on the beach, the engineer shot this 4 second video just so you could see how windy it actually is! He had to leave for a few days, to go home to teach and do some consulting. He'll be back, though, to help me drive back home. He's having dinner with my parents tonight, so he's in good hands! In the meantime, I have three kids here to entertain - not that it's too hard, they get up late, watch tv and swim or go to the beach in the late afternoon. We just got back from the beach, and the water is so warm in the pool, they are going to go for a little night swim! See you tomorrow with some new beach finds. I'm heading to a little bead store tomorrow, too, after my bike ride with my son, so maybe I'll find some good beads to show you!

Happy Saturday, Y'all

Can't you just hear Paula Deen saying that? She's from near here (Savannah) and she has a restaurant in Savannah I've never been to. Apparently it's hard to get reservations there. Since I don't have all my photos on this laptop, I'm just going to leave you with some bead porn today (it's in my etsy shop now, and I have all my beads with me, so I can mail it to you!). People in the North may say, what's that big orange ball in the sky, the sun? No, it's a great bead by Sue! Have a great day!

My Beach Find

Yes, it's true. Eventually, your kids do get older and you can leave them alone for short bits of time without them killing each other. That's what the engineer and I got to do yesterday, when we went for a little walk on the beach, just us two! And look what I found! It's pretty big too, at least an inch long. I always love seeing new and not so new and exciting things on the beach! And in the ocean, like the dolphins we see here quite frequently. I'm not a camping person, or a spa person, I'm definitely a beach person. Have a great day!

My View Today

After a long 12 hour drive, this is my reward! That's the ocean in the background, taken from the back patio. Today is supposed to be 76* so it's a beach day! I should be back later with another photo or two. I brought all my beads, so you can continue to purchase in my etsy store!

Happy St. Pat's!

Ok, up above you have your before and after shots of the Irish Beef Hand Pies. They turned out pretty good - took a long time to cook from frozen. I can't say I recommend that. Also, I would add a touch more worcestershire sauce, myself. However, as far as Irish cooking goes, these can't be beat! Pretty original. They would be much better with handmade pie crust, though, just as a suggestion! I'm going to be travelling the 12 hours or so to Hilton Head tomorrow so most likely I will not post! By the time I get there, I will need some wine and advil! I will be back on Thursday, assuming my inherited-from-my-daughter-laptop decides to cooperate! Top o' the mornin' (afternoon, evenin') to ya as my friend Henry Clougherty says when he calls! I hope you Irish are having a great St. Patrick's Day, and even those o' ya who aren't - I made Irish Beef Hand Pies for the first time for my family to have for dinner tonight. I will take a photo and post i

Favorite Bead, Part Deux

More like two favorite beads - or really, one favorite bead and one favorite set. Anyways... The first picture is a set I made with a glass called Cosmic Storm. It's an Oddly Odd from Vetrofond. On it's own, it is bugly. To me. But I encased it in clear and I really like it. It gets these swirls and earthy colors and maybe that's what a cosmic storm looks like, I don't know. All I know is I love the effect and the colors that come out. The second bead is my redo of the bead I blogged about earlier - the one that dropped on the concrete. The engineer took this photo, so it was taken inside and of the wrong orientation (I like the ruffle to be on the right side, I guess since I'm right handed. So is he, so I don't know what the deal is, but, whatever.). My son's school has an annual fundraiser called The Great Event - this year, it's at the aquarium at our zoo. I am going to donate a canape knife/appetizer fork set with a slumped recycled wine

Lorelei Giveaway

Hey everyone! My computer friend Lorelei is having a giveaway on her blog - check it out! If you win, you get this beautiful bracelet! Go to her blog to find out how to win!

Happy Spring Break!

No new beads will be posted on ebay tonight, because I'm going to Hilton Head for Spring Break! For part of it, anyways. My daughter has to do her service volunteering for the next two days at the Food Bank, so we have to wait a little bit longer! I did list some new things in the etsy store, and am trying to figure out if I want to take them all with me or just close the shop. I think I'll probably take them with me, so you can still get your beadies! This baby will be listed shortly - I love it! It's the Copper Wave style, and BIG ! It measures 31mm and was made on a 3/32" mandrel. Great for a pendant! There's a nice set of beads, Berry Basket, on ebay and the auction ends in about 3 hours. With no bids, they are a bargain!

My Trade With Jade

Do you know Jade Scott ? She makes these wonderful hand-poured, hand forged silver/copper and resin and paper pendants. I love them - I found out about them from some things that Lorelei made. She contacted me last week and wondered if I would do a trade with her. She didn't need to ask twice! I sent her some beads she wanted from my etsy store , and she sent me these two pendants that I was drooling over. I love them! Of course, I didn't do justice to the pendants with my picture. I did take it outside, however, it is cloudy here today and I took it on white paper which wrinkled up when I opened the front door. Oh well - I never said I was a photographer. Maybe I should take a class? Did I mention that before?

My New Favorite Bead, OR Why Not To Take Pictures Outside On The Concrete Patio Just Because The Sun Is Shining!

My new favorite bead! I was so happy when it went into the kiln, I just couldn't wait to get it out! When the kiln was cool enough, I took it out and...there was a mark on it from the darn mandrel holder. Oh, well, I still loved it! I was going to wear it on a necklace myself and make another one tomorrow! Look - what's that yellow ball in the sky? The sun! Let's try to take a photo outside, since the girl it out there with her camera too! Clink (not really the sound it made, but I don't know how to make that sound!). See the cute blue wavy ruffle around the outside edge? You can't see the little chip that was made from the concrete. I had a photo I took, but it wasn't so great - the girl sent me this last night and it was much better! Oh well. The bead was made from a base of sky blue, and wrapped with aqua and marine wave. I striped it with silvered ivory, made the nice light blue ruffle on the side, and dotted it with cobalt. I guess I will

Button Button

I made buttons yesterday - to be specific, small shank buttons. Whenever I try something new, for some reason, I am thinking small and that's how they come out! I think it's because the creative process is somewhat hard for me at times - to go outside the safety of what I usually do, and do something different. I think they are probably too small to actually use on a bracelet, I'm not sure. That's why I am showing you and asking your advice! They measure approximately 12mm. Maybe they aren't too small? I think the shank part is too thick, and I think the button part needs to be larger, to be able to be caught by whatever you would loop it with. Most likely it would be strung seed beads, I guess, or maybe silk cord or leather or something like that. And who knows why the first photo turned out and the second one is somewhat blurry - and why I can't seem to edit my photos unless the engineer is standing right next to me... Some are made on a 1/16"

Great Minds (kind of) Think Alike!

I made this bracelet maybe 1 1/2 months ago - hoping to list it in the bellahannahjane store, but haven't done so yet. Today, my internet friend Lorelei posted this bracelet, Coral Belle , in her etsy store - it's beautiful! Although they aren't exactly the same, the idea is the same which is why I say great minds think alike! Mine is made from twisted ebony wood beads, button pearls, a (faux) cinnabar focal and a clasp from Rocki !


Look - spring came to my yard! Over the weekend, it was just beautiful - tonight and tomorrow, it's going to get cold again. Oh well, that's March in Pennsylvania! Have a great rest of the day! Tonight we are going to see the 8th Grade Operetta - Guys and Dolls!

My Bread!

Here's a photo of my bread! I know, goofy - but I told you I would try and post one! So here it is. It was good, too! Oh, and my wine! My bread and my wine, that's all I need. And my... Remember that Steve Martin movie?

3/32" Mandrel Beads

I just put a quartet of beads in my etsy store, made with 3/32" mandrels. They are made with uroboros clear and have been dipped in Moon River frit by Bead Goodies (Candace Matthews). They have the bigger hole size, so you can string them on wire, leather or cord. Hope you like them! Another busy day, have to take the boy to get a haircut and then karate and the girl has a sax lesson tonight. I am making bread in my bread machine right now. Maybe I'll actually take a photo of it when it's done - it's just a simple white because the directions and book can't be found! Oh, and the travel fair was great! The 5th graders love it, and so do all the other students. I had some very good food from all over the world, so I was actually glad I didn't have time to eat breakfast this morning!

Busy Week!

Well, I have a busy week here, it seems. I finally just finished the last of my orders this morning and went to lunch at Taipei Tokyo with my engineer (remember, it's our favorite place?!). My son has his travel fair tomorrow - he's so excited! He did Scotland and he's dressing up as Sean Connery (Sir Thomas Sean Connery, and yes, he was born in Scotland, oh, and he's dressing up as Sean Connery in Raiders of the Lost Ark, or one of those movies. Hey, there's like 3 or 4, right - I get them confused!) and we did a whole big tri-fold poster board and the bookmarks and my mom made scottie dog shortbread cookies. I think it's the best part of 5th grade! On Wednesday and Thursday, my daughter has her 8th grade Operetta - this year they are doing Guys and Dolls. She is playing the saxophone for the music when the girls sing. She's a bit nervous - she was the only musician asked to play (yep, she's that good!). But I think she'll do fine! She'

Customer Work!

Jean, from Olivias Garden , on etsy, let me know that she has an item listed in her etsy store made with my bead (this is a Waterlily Bead)! The necklace is called Monet , and it's very cute and happy! Just wanted you to know, you can click her store name or the name of the necklace, and be taken there!

Frugal Village

Yesterday on our local news, they did a story on how to be more frugal. Not cheap, but frugal, and there's a big difference. I try to be frugal - it's that Scottish thing. I usually ruminate quite a bit before I buy anything, unless it's for my kids! Anyway, part of the story mentioned this web site, . Just thought I'd pass it along - you might want to check it out.

Linlithgow Palace, Scotland

I don't really have any new bead pics because I've been working on a couple of nice orders - thanks so much! Here's just an eye-candy photo! It's a photo of Linlithgow Palace (outside Edinburgh), an old ruin of a Palace, where Mary Queen of Scots was born. I actually took this photo - it was a very rainy cloudy day (who would have thought - rain and clouds in Scotland???). I found this awesome web site called Undiscovered Scotland where you can read more about it! WOW very cool! We were in Scotland two summers ago for the engineer's professional society meetings. It actually became a great family vacation for my family. My parents went along and my kids, and I think my parents had a really great time! My grandparents were born in Scotland and came over here in the 1930's. My dad is a first generation American. I loved our trip to Scotland and hope to get back there again some day.

Save Money, Buy More Beads!

I don't know if you watch Dr. Phil or not (I have it on for noise most days, but don't actually watch it) but today he did a show all about saving money! I guess we can all do a little bit of that! There was one segment I found interesting. Frugal Coupon Mom has a blog dedicated to helping you organize, find, print and use coupons to save money at the store. The reason I mention it is, the more money you save, the more beads you can buy! So start saving! Have a great day! It was too cold to torch in the basement today - hopefully tomorrow I can get to the orders I have. And by the way ladies, thanks for the orders!

I Won!

I have been meaning to blog about this for a while; the engineer was able to take this great photo for me to show you what I won from Gaea - she had a one world, one heart giveaway on her blog for a grab bag of her ceramic pendants, and this is what she sent! I know, there's not 10 there - I shared a few of them! I feel so lucky to have won this giveaway - I have been admiring her work for a while, and recently found her blog and her 0n-line store, Gaea . She makes the most wonderful ceramic pendants, but I really love her calaveras (sugar skulls). They are so colorful and fun! Check out her work, it's great. Thanks again, Gaea!

Ebay Auction Ending Tonight

I have an auction on ebay ending tonight - pairs of beads in all blue colors! Right now, they are an amazingly good price, so you should check them out! You can click on the picture and it will take you there!