Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year or... No More Custom Work

Thanks to a person who ordered $8 worth of "custom" beads (that's TWO beads, ladies, and I even sent her FOUR) I will no longer be taking custom orders for any beads. Beads can be requested, I will make them and put them in my etsy shop, but they will be WYSIWYG. It is so not worth it to receive a very nasty email early in the morning from someone like this. I have excellent feedback on both ebay and etsy, but I really don't need this. Thanks for understanding.


Kristin said...

Wow. Some people just aren't very nice, are they? Happy New Year Sue!

pam ferrari said...

Some people just like to complain, Your beads are beautiful don't let one bad apple ruin your day. Happy New Year Sue!

Marie Cramp said...

Oh Sue!! That person obviously does not know how to read if they did not know what they were getting. Please don't let her ruin it for everyone else, we love you and we support you :)

have a better day


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