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Beading Around a Cabochon Challenge - Sally Russick

Today is the reveal for the Beading Around a Cabochon Challenge hosted by Sally Russick !  She not only hosted the hop, but she provided video tutorials for us newbies!  She is so incredibly generous and I can't thank her enough for doing this!  I make cabs, but never beaded one and I'm so excited to have finished it!  Here's a link to the cabochon section in my etsy store! I started out by using one of my own cabs that I really love - it's made with pale aqua glass, silver foil and frit.  I have a lot of fun making cabs because you have to get them just right on the mandrel and it's a very zen sort of thing for me to do. I am really happy with my choice of beads, and how it turned out! I'm going to either use a blue suede cord to hang it on, or a chain - I can't decide yet, I think the blue suede would be best.  I can't bead a rope yet, but hopefully I'll learn that someday! I already started working on another

Wonky Bead Blog Hop - Kristi Bowman

Today is the reveal for Kristi Bowman's Wonky Bead Blog Hop. We purchased sets of polymer clay beads at a discounted price, and were challenged to make something wonderful with them!  They are very cool beads, btw!  Below is the group shot of the color palette I chose - I actually received the set second from the left. Initially I thought chunky bracelet would be the way to go.  And then I thought that maybe it would be too predictable, so I decided to go with a wire-wrapped looooooong necklace.  I started looking for beads that I had made that would work with the colors.  On hand, the only ones I could come up with are these red transparent ones, and they just really didn't go. I went through my stash of gems and found these cappucino jasper beads that I thought might work.  I tried setting them up in an assymetrical pattern with Kristi's beads, but it just wasn't happening. I did find these red vintage lucite beads in my stash and they went perfect

Ears to You!

Amy Taylor Freeland is hosting a blog hop - linkup for a charity called Ears to You .   They are especially looking for earrings for tween/teen patients.  Here's what I made! If you wish to donate to this worthy cause, please see below!  And please check out Amy's blog to see who all made what!!!  This is from their web site: Ears To You® is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation and our mission is to provide hope and joy through the donation and distribution of beautiful earrings to women and girls with cancer of any type.  _________________________________________________________________   These earrings : brighten a patient's day with a little bling when she needs a little lift create a distraction from the IV's, worries and fears and allow her to do something fun   help women and girls  feel more " normal " and beautif

It's Done! AJE COM with Melissa Meman!

I promised I would post when my green indonesian beads came; here is the finished necklace using Melissa Meman's gorgeous copper component!  Thanks for stopping back to see it!

Necklace Inspiration

See my blog post over at Art Jewelry Elements for the inspiration behind this necklace today!