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Aaah, I forgot to put this up on my blog. Today only, a flash sale since it's the end of the month! Get 15% off in my SueBeads etsy store by using coupon code FLASH15 !

Not Keeping UP!

I'm exhausted. Could it be from being a single parent and having two incredibly involved children? Could it be from having a neck spasm for over a week and not sleeping? Could it be from trying to do too many things and therefore not doing anything? I don't know, but I am completely exhausted. I'm trying to keep up. But I'm not... the blogging is faltering, I haven't been reading others' blogs, facebook and pinterest I haven't been keeping up with, blah blah blah! I have a show this weekend, and am finally back to making beads again this week for that. My daughter has a play (she's the technical director) for Friday and Saturday night, AND she's taking her driver's test on Saturday. My son plays basketball and is in his school musical. I'll be glad when this weekend is over, it won't be so bad then - she won't be staying at school every single night. And the show will be over and I can concentrate on making things for the l

A Few More Listings!

Just listed these this morning. You can find them at SueBeads !

New Beads

I just listed some new beads today - I am in a great deal of pain due to my neck so I'll just give you some un-picniked pics (I am so bummed) and you can get them here - SueBeads!

Rounds and Raku

It was round bead day yesterday - I just love making that shape! Plus, I am still into the raku, so rounds and raku go great together! You can find these beads in the SueBeads etsy store in a short while!

I'm on the Art Bead Scene!

Woo Hoo! I made this necklace a while ago for the "shows that didn't happen" this year. I decided to keep this one for myself because I love LeAnn's components so much! Just decided to submit to Art Bead Scene because one of my goals is to get better at things, and submitting is one of them! Yay! Thanks Heather!

Even More Earrings

I made a bunch of earrings for shows this year, and the shows I did were not too successful! I have one on Feb. 4 that I hope will be better for me. Any Pittsburgh men out there, go to South Side Works on Feb. 4th to get some beautiful earrings for your valentine! I really like the look of these earrings with the Hill Tribe tubes I've been hoarding for forever!

More Earrings

I love these! These lampwork beads were paired with copper clay charms by Kristi Bowman . Copper filigree bead caps accent the beads and the copper ear wires were made by me!

Raku Day!

Raku on 1. Red Roof Tile, 2. Sage, 3. Wasabi, 4. Egypt Blue Raku on Sandstone Raku on Wasabi I was enjoyed the reaction between glass and raku frit the other day and decided to try some different colors! I really like them. You can find all these beads in the SueBeads etsy store!


Here are some earrings I made with my own lampwork beads! I used green czech discs and filigree bead caps, and made the sterling ear wires!

New Beads

Find them in the SueBeads etsy store !

I'll Be Here!

My Sunday

On Sunday, my wonderful boyfriend (seen below and if he hates his photo on this post I will remove it) took the day off! We went to Ligonier, and had breakfast at the Ligonier Country Inn - they make a great brunch buffet. We filled ourselves up with a couple platefuls, then decided to check out some antique stores in Ligonier. On our way, we decide to go see Andrew Thornton at Allegory Gallery , right on the Diamond! Andrew was there and we had a great chat! I purchased a few "needs" and then we went on our way! We stopped at this really cool antique and flea market store - I called this the scary room! These hands hanging down are actually glove molds. There's a really huge stuffed buffalo behind them, and a very cool but creepy parrot hanging from the ceiling! There was even a giraffe in the room! They had a bunch of cute bird things - I have to say that birds kind of creep me out, even though I really like them! I feed them in the winter. But their feet - c

New Beads

How do the weeks fly by so fast? I did finally manage to get de-Christmassed today. My burns were so itchy last night I could hardly sleep, but today it isn't as bad. I listed some new beads in the SueBeads etsy store ! These ones have a slightly larger hole (2mm) so you can use thin leather or rattail cord to string them; I'll make ones with larger holes soon so you can string them on 2 layers of leather or dyed silk cord.


Did I ever show you this little glass bird I made? I had purchased a tutorial from Jennifer Geldard a while back and made this little guy. I really like it. I want to make more of them. I will be doing that as part of my quest to be better !

My Word

In picking my word for this year, I even visited the thesaurus to see if there was a "better" word to pick. However, upon reflection, there was not. My 2011 and late 2010 was filled with many challenges, some good, some not so good. I had some surgeries. Broke up with my partner of 5 1/2 years. Lost my job and insurance because of that. Had to start over not only in the dating world but in the world of figuring out all the man household things and tax things myself. I became re-acquainted with a high school friend who is now boyfriend and biggest fan! I became stronger because of him and that's how he wants it! I found more energy. I had some bad days too, days where I reflected on what my life was, is, and maybe will be. Sometimes that's not the best thing for me to do. I will have some challenges ahead, monetarily. My daughter entering the world of college visits and applications! Figuring out where my son is going to school for 9th grade. I want to m

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope you had a wonderful time last night, wherever you are, and that you are safe and sound today! We had friends over and had a very nice time! The kids played Dance 3 on the xbox and it looks like a blast - although I won't be dancing anytime soon! I wanted to say thank you to all my customers and readers! I appreciate all your comments and purchases and hope to bring you many more pretties in the coming year! All Christmas-themed beads are now marked down and in the sale section of the SueBeads etsy store - I know you may not want to use them right now, but can hoard them and get a good price! Have a great day and a great start to the New Year!