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Free Lampwork Tutorial - Faux Aqua Terra Jasper

It's hard when I write for another blog to keep up with this one.  I published this tutorial a couple days ago on the AJE blog and thought you might want to see it here! Waaaay back in the beginning of 2009, I saw a photo of a jasper called aqua terra!  I loved it.  I had to make it into lampwork beads!  This is a photo of the first set of Silvered Aqua Terra beads I sold on etsy in January 2009! My first Aqua Terra beads on Etsy, Jan. 2009 I thought today I'd give you a tutorial of how to make your own, if you're a lampworker! Materials Needed: Rod of Light Ivory (Effetre) Rod of Light Teal (Effetre) Sheet of Silver Foil Marver of your choice Bead Press of your choice First, cut your silver foil.  I cut the sheet in eighths.  This gives a nice portion of silver foil for an 18mm size bead. Cut your silver sheet into eighths. Next, get your bead press ready.  In this example, I am using a Zoozii's straight-sided lentil press, the middle 18mm s

Exploring Spiral Stitch and What's New, a repost from AJE

I thought I'd share this post with you here on my personal blog, in case you didn't get to see it on the AJE blog. It's just been too cold to make beads in my basement, so I have been concentrating on making beaded ropes with spiral stitch.  In addition, I've been exploring texture within the spiral stitch rope and using different clasps.  I thought I'd show you some of my experimentation today! The very first spiral stitch rope I worked on is in the larger photo - I used an awesome cab by Diana Ptaszynski, and the colors I used were perfect!  I then made spiral stitch ropes to go with my own ammonite cab, my own lampwork heart bead, and ceramic pendants by Diana and Lesley Watt. I love how they all turned out. They were all made using only size 11 beads in two colors, with the exception of the one I made with my lampwork heart - I used one single color on that rope, and although it's hard to see, the beads have a really great rainbow effect.

Sint Maarten!!!!

Just so it's not ALL business, I thought I'd share some photos with you from my trip to Sint Maarten (Dutch side) with Jason.  We went over Valentine's Day to celebrate our 50th birthdays - his was in December, and mine's in May!  My new favorite drink, a Guavaberry Colada, made with Guavaberry rum!  You can bet we picked some up in Phillipsburg to bring home!  This was the view on the beach everyday!  We snorkeled in Anguilla, BWI and while I have snorkeled better areas, it still was fun!  Had the best Painkiller ever in a bar on Anguilla!  The infinity pool view at our resort.  The pool was actually a little cold for me!  In "downtown" Phillipsburg on our last full day there!  Had to do the tourist photo!  How could your day be bad when it starts out like this????  A gorgeous sunset at Maho Beach!  We visited Fort Louis, on the French side - a long walk up a hill but a great view!  Super-yachts and iguanas - what else could you w