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Colors of Spring Blog Hop

Today is the big reveal for Sally Russick's Colors of Spring Blog Hop! We picked a color palette and purchased a small set of her ceramic-enameled beads and created jewelry around that palette. I chose the Pantone Color of the Year Tangerine Tango! I don't usually work with tangerine, but love it with blue - especially turquoise blue! It would have been really nice if I would have taken a photo of the beads together before I separated them, but I didn't. Oh well. I picked up these very very funky-shaped turquoise wannabe beads from Dakota Stones - they aren't real turquoise, at least I think not given the price, but they sure look like it and are gorgeous! After I made the necklace, I thought I probably should have separated the beads with small 3mm sterling rounds, but didn't want to tear the necklace up. Keep that thought in mind, as there will be a test at the end of this post! Of course, the tangerine lentil is the one that Sally enameled, using Marla Jame

Godspell Jr.

I truly have no idea why blogger is making this photo sideways. My son and his friend waiting for the cake! So, I mentioned that the two evenings right before spring break were spent watching my son in his 8th grade musical, Godspell Jr. I had never seen Godspell before, but I knew that I knew the story. This Godspell verion is the Jr. version, which means all the adult themes are fairly well removed. Godspell was actually written by a CMU student as his master's thesis in 1970. It eventually found it's way to Broadway, where it is actually showing right now. Godspell goes through the parables and then at the end, briefly the passion of the christ. The kids did a fantastic job and my son had a wonderful time participating! So much so that when he goes to high school, he wants to participate in the musicals there and let me tell you, our local high school goes all out! So, tomorrow is the big Colors of Spring reveal with Sally Russick - watch for my items and a giveaway!

New Beads or Where Have I Been?

I can't believe it's actually been so long since I posted a blog post. I have been quite busy, my son had a musical, the boyfriend and I went to the Omni Bedford Springs for a weekend, and we visited my grandfather in Florida for a few days. I have been trying to do the spring cleaning and I had to get a new roof and I spent a LARGE part of my day today with Verizon to no avail. I'm not getting emails and I'm very frustrated. Plus I'm not getting the channels I want on TV and do you know how hard they make it to deal with anyone on the phone AND how hard it is to use their web site? Gah! Anyways, here's some beads I listed in the SueBeads etsy store and I'll post some photos of Bedford and Florida and the musical - all fun things, just busy busy busy! I'll be glad when spring break is over and we can get back on a schedule!

Robin's Eggs!

I made some glass beads today, woo hoo! I made 5 pair of these cute robin's egg blue robin's eggs! They measure about 16x10mm and would be really cute in your bracelet or if you want egg earrings! I'll make more on request, too! I also made one pair of these speckled eggs, I think they are pretty cool with the raku! You can find them in the SueBeads etsy store right now!

New Enamel Listed

I listed some new enamel beads in the SueBeads etsy store - I have been liking doing enamel for a few days now, but must get back to making glass beads! I cleaned up my bench today - I wish I would have taken a photo for the "before" and not just the "after" - you would not BELIEVE how much better this is!

Ornamentea: Charm Swap 2012

Erin Prais-Hintz; Doris Galyon; Marya Jenny Davies-Reazor; Heidi; Glenda Adams; Charlene Jacka I participated in Ornamentea's Charm Swap this year! It was fun - make 7 charms and send them in! Pay for postage, and they will send you 7 different charms back! Very simple! Here's photos of what I got back! They are all so different and cute! Erin sent one of her Simple Truths Pendant (kanji for beauty); Doris made an amazing little book; Marya made a cool peace sign charm. Jenny made one of her ceramic pendants; Heidi's charm means "luck"; Glenda made a very cute floral charm; and Charlene made a nest for a cute little owl to rest on! For the life of me, I swear that not only did I take a photo of the charm I sent, but made 8 of them and I can't find the photo or the charm! If I do, I'll post it!

Spring Dangles

I made these earrings with some enameled beads, similar to the orange and gray set below! I think they are so springy. This is just one idea of what you can do with my enameled beads!

Inspiration - Orange and Gray

Orange and Gray Floral Orange and Gray Spacers Orange and Gray Enamel Beads Yesterday, Lara Spencer on Good Morning America wore a really cool necklace! It was orange and gray, dangles all the way around, with one gray bead first, three orange, then one gray; they looked like either czech beads or lucite. She stated on Twitter that it was vintage. I couldn't find a photo of it to show you here. I loved the color combo of orange and gray, and I sat down to make some beads! They will all be found in the SueBeads etsy store in a bit!

Marsha Neal's Silk Color Palette Challenge

I was lucky enough to get in on a little challenge by Marsha Neal. She not only makes gorgeous beads, but she sells silk ribbon bundles. 12 of us were chosen to pick a palette based on a photo, and you can purchase that palette! Please click here to vote on your favorite and visit Marsha's blog. Voting ends tonight (sorry, I spent all weekend doing kid stuff and didn't realize it ended so soon!). The color palette I chose is called Dinner in Tuscany and is based on the top right photo!