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November Art Elements Theme Challenge - Stars

This month was Laney Mead's turn to choose the theme of the challenge, and she chose stars. I had all these ideas of making polymer star ornaments with my little texture stamps, but did not get to it. Partly because I was spending some time coming up with more star glass ornaments.  Last year I made these clear and dichroic ones, and the black and dichroic ones. This year I added three more colors, and have been making them non-stop! I think I'm really partial to the red ones! Which do you like best? These can be found in my etsy shop if you're interested! Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy everyone else's star creations this month! Guest Artists Jill Divya Alysen   Kathy   Tammy   Cat   Samantha Anita Karin Sarajo Rosantia Kimberly Art Elements Team Jen   Jenny    Niky   Laney   Claire   Cathy   Marsha   Caroline Susan Lesley

Facet Jewelry Box Projects Completed

Well I've completed my Facet Jewelry Box projects. If you recall from my last post , I was asked to review a box and I gave you a coupon code if you order in November. I'll repeat the info below. Here are the projects I completed. This is the Embedded Peyote Bracelet. This was very easy to do, especially if you know peyote stitch. If you don't, its a great stitch to have in your repetoire and you can use the instructions to make this bracelet in a variety of colors! I think it would look great in southwest colors, myself! These are the Woven Fringe Earrings. This was a little bit harder for me, just to maintain the tension needed. You need a little bit more patience for these, but they are worth it. And again, make them in a variety of colors! I've posted these photos on my Instagram and copied them to my facebook page as well. You can find previews of future boxes on the Facet Jewelry Box FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM pages, just follow the links! AND in additio

Facet Project Box by Kalmbach

I was recently asked to review a Facet Jewelry Box (by Kalmbach) - I said yes, of course! I was given a choice of either the Stringing Box - 2 quick and easy projects - or the Stitching Box - 2 more intricate, advanced needle-and-thread projects. Since I love bead weaving I chose the stitching box! I received it very quickly. Please note, the box I received is no longer in circulation, but you can sign up for the November box and future boxes through Kalmbach here . The projects come in this sweet blue box, very nicely and safely packaged.  When you open it, here's what you see - as you can see, you get a book of instructions and photos of both projects included in the box. Here is a photo of the box, the instruction sheet and the projects - they are nicely packaged individually and labeled so there's no hunting around for parts or beads! You also receive a spool of fireline that's large enough for both projects. The first project I received is the Embedded Pe