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I hope I am not confusing people - I am sending an acknowledgement to everyone who enters to let you know your name is in the running! But I will pick four people on Friday and let you know if you are picked for the challenge! Sorry if there's any confusion! Ok, now that the big sale is over, it's time for a challenge! I'll pick four people on Friday (November 4th) to create something with a set of glass headpins like these!!!! Just leave a comment on this blog post if you want to play! We'll reveal our designs on November 28th (Monday after Thanksgiving)!!!!

Lori Anderson Makes Pretty Things!

Did you happen to see what Lori Anderson made with my Frosted Filigree beads? She is just all sorts of talented, that woman! I'm lucky to be this month's Cup of Bead Soup sponsor and she does my beads all kinds of justice!


From the bowl of entrants, my sweetie Jason picked the name: Congratulations, Kari - you win the giveaway. (Entrants were taken from blog comments and people who purchased in my shop during the sale). Thanks to everyone who entered, read my blog, became friends and purchased items in the Big Early Bird Sale! I appreciate each and every one of you! There are still some really great beads in my shop, so please continue to check back and see if you neeeeeed anything!

Just Listed!

I just listed a bunch of beads in my etsy store , and you can still use EARLYBIRD15 to get 15% of your purchase, plus a free pair of earring wires if you purchase an earring pair!

Artisan Clay Fall Fashion Show

Instead of creating a new piece this month, we (the Artisan Clay Design Team) are having a fashion show so you can see all the things that have been created using Kristie's wonderful pieces! Here are mine! You can see what other people have made with Kristie's pieces by going to her blog!

The Sale Goes On

Remember, you can get 15% off in my SueBeads etsy store by using the coupon code EARLYBIRD15 . You'll also get a free gift with any earring pair purchase - a pair of copper or brass handcrafted (by me!) ear wires! I'm adding more beads throughout the day so you'll have lots to choose from! Leave a comment on this post for a chance to win a cool set of beads by me!

Free Gift with Purchase!

From October 26-28, during our big Early Bird Designer Sale and Giveaway , if you purchase an "earring pair" of beads from my etsy store, you will receive a pair of either brass or copper ear wires free! Handmade by me! Just my way of saying thanks from coming to the sale and being a great person! They are hand-formed, and tumbled in a tumbler for shiny-ness and to get any rough edges off! Enter on this post here to be eligible to win a bunch of beads from me, too!

Big Sale Eve!

This amazing group of designers specialize in handmade jewelry components and findings. Take advantage of our sale this Wednesday - Friday October 26-28 just in time for holiday shows & gift designs ~ You can still enter for the HUGE Giveaway CLICK HERE to enter and see all the wonderful pieces! Each designer is offering a free gift with purchase & discount this Wed-Fri ~ Many of these designers rarely offer sales ~ A great opportunity! Don't miss it! 1. Melinda Orr 2. Kristi Bowman Design 3. MarlasMud 4. Marie-Noel Voyer-Cramp 5. SueBeads 6. Starry Road Studio - ktotten 7. Artisan Accents by Staci Louise 8. Marsha Neal Studio 9. Regina Boger 10. Lisa Peters ART Here are the artists, the sale and gifts they are offering: Click on the pictures above to visit their stores! Be sure to visit each of their blogs ~ We have some new additions so be sure to FOLLOW AND COMMENT TO BE ENTERED TO WIN! 1. Melinda Orr Designs ~ 15% off entire store (Use coupon code EARLYB

Enamel Headpins

I listed 8 more pairs of enamel headpins in my shop yesterday, you can find them in the SueBeads etsy store! Also, don't forget you can still get 10% off your order at my SueBeads web site because I still haven't finished the redesign on it!

Early Bird Gets the Discount!

Here's a list of everyone who is participating in the big Early Bird Sale next week - October 26-28. Visit each artist to find out about discounts and giveaways, then join me at my etsy store SueBeads those days to enjoy 15% off your order with the discount code EARLYBIRD15 ! Melinda Orr ~ Melinda Orr Designs Karen Totten ~ Starry Road Studio Kristi Bowman~ Gruel Kristi Bowman Design Marla James ~ Marla's Mud Moments Susan Kennedy ~ Sue Beads Marie~Noel Voyer Cramp ~ Skye Jewels

This is Big!

Join me and several other artists for a huge early bird sale event from October 26-28! Use coupon code EARLYBIRD15 in my SueBeads etsy store for 15% off your entire order! Plus anyone who orders an "earring pair" will receive as a bonus a pair of brass or copper ear wires made by me on the days of the discount! Please see Melinda Orr's blog - she's the wonderful host of this event - to see everyone who is participating. Above you can see what I will be giving away - beads worth $70!!!! Leave a comment on this post for your chance to win. Leave me another comment if you blog, facebook or tweet about the event for another chance to win (please link to this post - one entry per action)! Also if you purchase something from my store from now until the event, you will receive an entry to win! You have many many chances to win great prizes from some fabulous artists!

Enamel Head Pins

I just listed 6 sets of enamel on copper headpins. I'll be cutting wire as I watch The Real World tonight (it's on tonight, right???) and then I'll be making some more sets tomorrow! You can find them in the SueBeads etsy store!

Skully Head Pins

Another new toy, from Karen Leonardo of Leonardo Lampwork! I made some skully head pins, which will be listed in a set of 8. I see them as dangles from a cute bracelet, either Halloween, or Dia de los Muertos, or goth. I can make them in other colors, too, so if you want some, just let me know!

Pretty Things!

Look what Lori Anderson of Pretty Things made with my Christmas beads! Aren't they so cute! You can find them in the SueBeads etsy store, or you can always ask if you need more!

Wooty Woot Woot!

I got a new bead roller toy and had fun yesterday making these beads! See them in the SueBeads etsy store!

B'Sue Sari Ribbon Blog Hop

Brenda Sue, of B'Sue Boutique, is hosting a blog hop today! We were to use sari ribbon to create a piece of jewelry. As usual, time got away from me and I left it to Thursday night to complete. However, sometimes that works for me. I used a really gorgeous handmade chain I had purchased quite a while ago from Lynn Davis and red and orange chalcedony faceted rondelles. The sari ribbon has red and orange colors in it and I think it goes pretty well! I had fun making this piece - don't know if I'll keep it this way or not. It's a little big for me (I have unusually small wrists!) and I think I might play with the design a little someday when time doesn't get away from me! Here's a list of all the other participants - check their blogs out, if you get a chance, to see what they made with sari ribbon! Sari Ribbon Party Blog Hop Vickie Wills Susan Kennedy ME! Michelle Mach http://www.mi

New Beads

I listed some new beadies in the SueBeads etsy store - check them out!

My Girlie!

She turned 16 this summer and got a car today - can only drive on permit right now but we're ready for February!

Leaf Earrings

I just listed some more enameled leaf pairs in my SueBeads etsy store and thought I'd share a few ideas on what you can do with them. I made a bunch of earrings for my show and tried to mix up the colors to make some interesting pieces! I love how they turned out!

Lorelei/Shannon LIMA Beads Challenge

Today is the reveal for the Lorelei and Shannon Bead Challenge! The idea was to purchase the kit from Lima Beads and make as many things as you could from the kit. Here's my first attempt at a necklace using a majority of the parts. I have to say that I don't really like it - it's not really my style. Maybe it's the colors together - I don't know. I didn't disassemble it, but I will - I'm not sure what I will make but it has to be better than this! The earrings, I like. I used some of my own ribbed spacer beads and they go pretty well! I would never have picked out the yellowish colored pearls but I like the color combo, and I had fun trying to perfect my briolette wire wrapping! This necklace, I like too - more my style, kind of a choker, and I love the chain! Finally, this is another idea I am working on. I never worked with stick pearls like this before, and I like how they hang like fringe. I made a cool wire on the back of the flower beads so

Who Did I Tick Off????

I had a really interesting week this week. Last Friday, I was hit from behind by someone as I was going to my daughter's first production of the year at school - she's the stage manager for her school and this was the first time she was totally in charge! Still dealing with that. I "sold" (for lack of a better term) at the Delmont Apple 'N Arts Festival last weekend. It rained the entire time. The mud was 5 inches thick. They closed early on Saturday. I never opened on Sunday. I sold nothing...all that preparation I did and money I spent and now I have a pile of muddy stuff to put away. Yesterday I got a migraine and still have the migraine hangover today. Glad this week is past me. I made several sets of these cute pumpkin earrings for the show, but if I don't disassemble them for the beads or sell the earrings pretty soon, they will go to waste! So, I am offering anyone who wants them a special price of $18 for a pair of pumpkin earrings with my o

Earring Swap

Earrings I sent to Pam Earrings Pam sent to me! Diana, from Suburban Girl Beads , decided that she didn't have enough things to do with moving into a new house, so she hosted an art bead earring swap! My partner was Pam Ferrari! This is her blog and this is her etsy store ! We are both glass bead makers and live on totally opposite sides of the country. I made a couple pairs of earrings but eventually decided on the ones in the photo to send to her. I made the lampwork beads and the ear wires, and the headpins are from Rocki's Supplies on etsy. Pam made these beads herself, too! I love that I can wear them with many things - my go to color is always black so these are perfect! Thanks Pam! Check out everyone else's blog to see what they made! The Host: Diana Ptaszynski Jenny Davies Reazor Marie-Noel Voyer-Cramp Lisa Petrillo Pat