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I am having a lot of fun with these enamel bead thingies, and here's another treasury I am in! I can't wait to take the class with ArtBliss in September!

Sprockets and Gears

Fun! I love these watch parts that I enameled! They are so cool! I just listed some sets in the Suebeads etsy store ! Check them out!

Yay! Another Treasury!

I'm having such fun seeing my beads in treasuries lately - here's another one!

Head Pins

Lots of enameled head pins just listed in the SueBeads etsy store tonight. I have a bunch more beads to list, including long teardrop, bead caps and some cool new ones I think you'll love! I'm hoping to get them listed tonight, or tomorrow before I have to take the girl to vestibular rehab (yes, it's starting up again, now that she's home!).

Another Treasury, Sort Of...

I was just reading Barbara Lewis' blog, Painting with Fire Artwear , and came across this post she did about a treasury she was in. Low and behold, there are some of my beads in it! Karon, from WildWomanJewelry on etsy , made these earrings with my beads (third row, third one in)! How cool is that?


Just wanted to show you two treasuries I've been in, in two days! They are both beautiful and I thank the ladies who included me! The first one shows the red enameled ovals, and the second one shows the kaleidoscope large hole beads!

Images of Hawaii

Where Was I?

Cayman Islands (1) Tarpon (2) Urchin found on beach (3) Beautiful Sunset (4) Coconuts! Edited to add: Cayman Islands, Tari of Pearl and Pebble won! Thanks for playing! The first person to comment with the correct location will win a selection of lampwork and enamel beads from me! I'll check answers and announce winner later today! Sorry, no photo of beads, but I ensure it will be nice!

New Lampwork Beads

I had a bit of time today to just play with glass, and made some new beads! They are all listed (or will be listed) in the SueBeads etsy store ! I found my card reader, so was able to take some photos before my darn camera battery died!!!! I just feel totally behind and out of it this week. Hopefully next week will be better, and I'll get back on some kind of schedule!

More Enamel Beads

Ok, I am back from my trip! I wanted to post pictures yesterday, but I can't find my dang card reader, and the other one I have won't read my film because it's too big. So I have to wait until I get another one. I may have a contest, to have you guess where I was! If you know already, no fair! I just listed a bunch of enameled beads in the SueBeads etsy store. Check them out! My son is finally home from Europe today, and my girl is getting home on Saturday night! It will be so good to have the three of us together again! I know we all miss/ed each other so much! Even my kids miss each other, which is something!!!!

New Enamel Beads Listed

I just listed a bunch of enameled beads in the SueBeads etsy store . I'm going to be taking a week off. I'm going to leave the shop open, so if you purchase anything from the 10th - 18th of July, they will mail on the 19th! Thanks so much for your patience!


I've listed some more enamel and glass beads today, and more coming later!

New Listings

I listed some new beads, enamel and glass, in the SueBeads etsy store . I'll list more later or tomorrow, as my tired body allows!

Free Shipping

I'm offering Freeeeee Shipping this weekend in my SueBeads etsy store - yep, free shipping in the SueBeads etsy store until Sunday July 4th at midnight! After you make your purchase and pay, I'll refund your shipping cost through paypal! Happy 4th of July to all my wonderful customers!

Customer Work

Where does the time go? It's already July - how can that be? I wanted to show you some work Debbie from Prairie Emporium did with my beads! She made these really pretty earrings! I love them! You can hop on over to her etsy store or her blog to check out more of her work!