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Too Bizarre!

This is too bizarre for me - today I commented on two blogs, Wait Just One More Bead by Pam Ferrari, who is going through cancer, and also on Maire Dodd's blog . My "capcha" word (the word you have to enter to prove you are not a bot) on Pam's was "unblest" and made me feel bad. The word on Mary Jane's was "toutchie" and the comment I made to her was that her post today touched me greatly. I think this is bizarre - does anyone else? Should I play the lottery? Or go hide????

Happy New Year or... No More Custom Work

Thanks to a person who ordered $8 worth of "custom" beads (that's TWO beads, ladies, and I even sent her FOUR ) I will no longer be taking custom orders for any beads. Beads can be requested, I will make them and put them in my etsy shop, but they will be WYSIWYG. It is so not worth it to receive a very nasty email early in the morning from someone like this. I have excellent feedback on both ebay and etsy, but I really don't need this. Thanks for understanding.

Sugar Bead Sale!

All sugar beads in my SueBeads etsy store are now on sale! They are 15% off - they were $8 a pair, and now they are $6.80!!!! How can you beat that!?!?!?!

Mexican Restaurant

The Engineer and I went to a Mexican restaurant on Sunday before the kids came home. Now that I have my new SMALLER camera, I have it in my purse pretty much all the time. I took this cool photo of a mural at the restaurant - isn't the camera great?

Beads Beads Beads

I listed some new beads in the SueBeads etsy shop today, and hopefully will be listing some more later. Also, I think I'll put the sugar beads on sale tonight, too - 15% off - sound good?


My friend Roy (neighbor dog) and the gift I got him! It won't last long!

The Big Score!

My mom scored this book for me for Christmas - it's not available in the U.S. yet, but a local bookstore called The Mystery Lover's Bookshop snagged some copies! Do you know about The Millennium Trilogy? Stieg Larsson was a Swedish journalist and author who died before his last three books were published; The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played With Fire, and this one, The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest. I really like these books; I have read the first two and was going to have to wait for this last one. But not now!


Things Santa Claus got me for Christmas! First is a pair of heart earrings from AquaBeet on etsy - she has lovely things and you should check them out! Next is the book, Pioneer Woman Cooks. I don't know if you have ever visited her blog, but it was great! Blogging is how she got the deal to do her book. It's great - full of recipes, but also of stories and photos of her life on a ranch. You can get it at! Finally, my new camera! I didn't want a super fancy one like my daughter has, but I wanted one that was smaller than my old one, one I could put in my purse and have with me all the time - you know how I am always forgetting my camera! This is the one I got, also on Amazon!

Nifty Niece!

This is a necklace I made for my niece, using a Jade Scott resin pendant - Nifty Niece! I think she'll like it - it's just strung on a simple Rainforest Mis seed bead necklace!

Christmas Cookies!

These are the only cookies I made this year - of course, I made homemade mac and cheese, lasagna, and banana bread, so I did do some baking! Mostly savory! Have a great Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

I made beads for a bead order tonight (I'm so glad I can get them out tomorrow!) because I was...ALONE! The engineer took 4 kids (3 of ours and a neighbor) to see Avatar and I stayed here to do beads (very nice of him, I think - of course, he wanted to see it too, the geek!). I'm very glad I got them done. I was cruising through some blogs and saw that Heather (of Humblebeads) suggested one might want to have a glass of wine in the dark with the tree lights on (or something very close to that idea!) and so that's what I decided to do for a few moments of me time! I then decided I needed to take a photo of the tree to see how it would turn out. The tree is actually so beautiful - it is perfectly shaped. What luck! Then of course I decided I better post the photo to the blog because I think I'll be pretty busy tomorrow! So there went my alone time with wine in front of the tree in the dark with the tree lights on. But isn't it purty? Have a wonderful Christma

Whew, what a day!

I left early, went down to the engineer's and we went to SouthSide Works for some last minute shopping and a holiday lunch together at Cheesecake Factory. We both ordered "lunch size" entrees, which were still too big for us to eat! Then I came home and the hvac guy came to do the furnace clean and check. Then I ran up to the store with my son. Then I made a very bad mom dinner. Then I went through all the gifts to make sure everything was in order. Then we cleaned the rat cage. Then I uploaded a bunch of stuff to my flickr account. Now I am going to go wrap some gifts. Long day. I am looking forward to going to bed and sleeping in tomorrow! The kids and engineer are going to see Avatar tomorrow. I am not. I heard that us old folks will get ill with all the motion and effects. Which I believe, since I can't even watch someone playing the Wii car racing games without getting dizzy! I will instead make beads! I have two orders I need to get done, plus I

December 21st?????

I just got back from the chiropractor. I was writing my co-pay check when I realized, it's December 21st!!!!!!! How did that happen? I still have lots of beads in my etsy store; I will mail them out as soon as I get an order, but at this point, I don't think they'll make it in time for Thursday! However, giving New Year's gifts is also a nice thought, don't you think? Earrings are great! I have lots of earring pairs in my shop , and some mini sparkle sets that make great earrings! I've made several for gifts! If you have a suggestion or request for a color, please let me know. These are great meditative beads for me to make!

What I Did Today...

...besides church, and heart attack with those Steelers, I mean. I made homemade macaroni and cheese - which turned out pretty good. Then I noticed there were two bananas just wanting to be made into banana bread, so I did that too. The mac and cheese was good (too many breadcrumbs), have to wait on the banana bread to eat. Now, I am waiting for my college friend Helen to come over for the night - she was at the Steeler game with a friend of hers and has tomorrow off, so she doesn't have to drive back to Central PA tonight!

The Requisite Snow Picture

This is a picture of the snow out my kitchen garden window. Yep, we actually got snow here in Pittsburgh today - about 5 inches! Fun for kids - too bad it wasn't a snow day from school! But snow is snow. My little financial geniouses went out to shovel driveways for money! They made $11 each. Nice people! Have a great rest of the weekend!

More Beads Listed

I just listed some new beads in the SueBeads etsy store - it's been a busy week, so I don't have all that many! I think I won't have many this week, either. I may take some days off! I know I have at least one more shopping trip to do. It did snow here today - it's been snowing and snowing, light but supposed to snow all day. The kids are already outside playing with friends! Found out my daughter really needs new boots, and had to search for the new snowpants for my son. I'm glad I had already bought him some new boots! These kids - they just grow and grow! Have a great weekend, whereever you are! I'm staying in, having friends over for shepherd's pie later, and making a fire! Oh, and doing laundry, finishing the tree, cleaning the bathroom, etc. etc.!

Sale of the Day!

Today, the sale of the day is Robin's Egg Raku - they were listed for $24, but at 15% off today, they are $20.40. If they sell out, I'll be glad to take orders today until midnight for the sale price! Just shoot me an email, a convo, or a comment! Check out the SueBeads etsy store ! (I have some other things listed in the SALE section, as well!)

My Scrooge

My son was the lead in the 6th Grade Christmas Pageant at school tonight! He played the Scrooge part of an adapted script of A Christmas Carol (done by one of the teachers at the school!). His name was Earl Sweeney - he did fantastic! We weren't allowed to take photos or video (I was SO disappointed because the engineer is on a business trip and had to miss it) but here's a photo of him (and some random people I don't know) at the cookie reception afterward. His face tells it all! That's his nightcap and nightshirt that my mom made for him, especially for the play! He is wearing it to bed tonight! (P.S. What am I going to do when my mom can't sew anymore?!??!?!)

Sale of the Day!

Today's sale of the day is Pinot Grigio recycled wine bottle beads! They were $25, but for today they are $21.25 - good deal. Very nice glass, hardly any bubbles and no inclusions! You never know what you'll get with wine bottle glass, but this is nice! Check them out in the SueBeads etsy store ! Is anyone else as exhausted as I am? I'm not running around like crazy, but maybe it's mental exhaustion. I would rather take the kids and go to the islands for the holiday than do the whole crazy holiday thing! I keep trying to convince them it's a great idea, but so far they aren't buying!


I just listed two sets of extras in my SueBeads etsy store - this is a good way to get a bunch of beads at a great price, especially if you like to use a lampwork bead here and there in your designs. They are at least a $48 value on sale for $30 in the SALE section ! There's nothing wrong with them - they are just one-offs or extras from sets!

Sale of the Day - Winterberry Sparkles

The sale of the day today is Winterberry Sparkles ! These beads are featured in my design that appears in the December 2009 Issue of Bead Trends Magazine - a bracelet and earring set perfect for the holidays! Today, these beads are 15% off their regular price of $40 - you can get them for $34.00 in the SueBeads etsy store ! As I mentioned yesterday, there's still time to make some great holiday gifts! And I usually send purchases out the same day I receive the order (or, if the mailman has already been by, then they go the next day for sure!). You can't lose!

Sale Item of the Day - Antique Holiday

The sale item of today is Antique Holiday - a set of three festive beads for 15% off! They were listed at $15, today they are $12.75. There's still time to make some lovely gifts for the holidays!

Customer Work!

Pam, at cooljewelrydesign on etsy, made these fantastic earrings with my frosted filigree beads - aren't they great? I've been wanting to see what people are making with these beads; I really like them myself and had ideas in my head for them! Check out her shop - she has some great things for sale!

Sale Item of the Day - Classic Minis

The Classic Minis are the sale item of the day! They were $25, but today they are $21.25 in the SueBeads etsy store ! These make really great earrings! If they sell out today, I will be glad to take orders for them at the sale price until midnight tonight!


Here's a photo of where one of my pool lounge chairs landed yesterday! My dad fished it out for me; this morning, it's headed back that way - halfway in the pool today! I'm just going to wait until this crazy wind dies down before I try to move it again. I guess I need to put bricks on it!

Classic Black Sparkles Large Hole Beads

Since the brown spacers sold so quickly, I'm going to list a new sale item today in the SueBeads etsy store - Classic Black Sparkles Large Hole Beads! They were $20, now 15% off $17.00! Check them out here !

The Browns

New sale item today - The Browns spacer bead set! Was $10 - today $8.50!!!!! Find them in the SueBeads etsy store , and, as always, I'll be happy to take orders for the beads today at the sale price if the beads sell out!!!!

Wasabi Raku

The sale item of the day today is Wasabi Raku in the SueBeads etsy store - 15% off! This set was $24, but today it's $20.40! As yesterday, if the item gets sold, I'll be glad to take orders today only for the sale price!!!!!!!! Check it out !

The Holidays

The sale item for today - The Holidays spacer beads. They are now 15% off in the SueBeads etsy store ! Again, if they sell out, I'll be glad to make another set to order today only at the sale price!

Blue Rainbow Minis

For sale now in the SueBeads etsy store ! These make great earrings! Today, they are a featured item at 15% off!!!! In addition, if they sell out, I will be glad to take orders at the sale price!!!! What a deal!

My Entry for Erin's Hardware Challenge

Erin, of Treasures Found , is hosting a challenge right now - use hardware store objects to create jewelry (the short version!). This is my entry. I know it's not a winner - there are some amazing creations to be seen! - but I had fun with the lock washers. They make great jump rings. The internal lock washer connects the ear wire, and the external lock washer connects the dangle (the spikey one). I was going to create a bracelet for the challenge as well, but had a migraine on Friday and a migraine hangover on Saturday and just didn't find the time to create this weekend. We did get our tree, however, so I feel something was accomplished! I may still make it, just to try it. I'll let you know!

Customer Work

Alex, of AlexUDesigns on etsy, made these beautiful creations with my Chinese Lantern beads. The bracelet was made for a cat lover; I love the cat charm! It goes so well with the colors of the lampwork beads! Hopefully she'll be listing some items, soon, for you to purchase!

Mini Beads on Sale

The mini bead sale continues through tonight - tomorrow I'll probably go with another section for sale. Please check it out - it's a great deal!

Wine Bottle Beads

I listed a set of Pinot Grigio wine bottle beads in the SueBeads etsy store - check them out! The glass is pretty nice - no inclusions, and few bubbles. I did make the supreme sacrifice of drinking the wine before I made the bottle into beads!

I Can't Hear You

My left ear is completely clogged up and closed off. Good thing I don't need to hear to make beads! Check out the mini bead sale at SueBeads on etsy ! Search on mini beads in the SueBeads store.

Mini Beads on Sale

Mini Beads are 15% off in the SueBeads etsy store (Thanks Katie for the suggestion). I'll have more to list tomorrow - just make half a kiln full! I also made some wine bottle beads yesterday and today - beads made from recycled wine bottles - so look for those soon! Let me know what else you'd like to see on sale!

Customer Work

CindySpangler , of etsy, created this great piece with my copper sparkle beads! It's so cute! I love seeing what customers do with my beads, so if you have any photos, send them my way! I'll post them here on my blog!


Well, it's that time of year - busy busy busy. Too many things to do and no time. Why does it always creep up on us? Not like we don't KNOW this is coming, or anything. But every year, I'm writing more and more things on the calendar and making things and well, you get the picture. I'm going to change up the SueBeads etsy sale tonight - for some reason, the free shipping wasn't very enticing to anyone! So I'll pick another category to put on sale - any suggestions?