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April AJE Component of the Month Reveal!

Yet another month has passed us by, it's time for the April Component of the Month Reveal over at Art Jewelry Elements !  Lesley Watt provided components for us for April - buttons, or clasps, however you wanted to use them!  The one I chose was right in the middle!  As usual, I did not take a photo of the button before I actually used it, so here is a closeup!   I had a few idea in my head none of which really worked out.  I didn't have the right color beads, I couldn't find the right color glass to make beads, I didn't have the right color waxed linen...on and on.  Finally, I went to Michael's for a little visual stimulation.  While I was there, I picked up the citrine (???) chips and the bronze colored beads.  I strung three strands of beads (I already had the seed beads at home, woo hoo!) and then braided them before I attached to the bronze clasp with the crimp beads.  The bronze clasp is kind of urchin-ey, so I felt it worked really well.  Plus, I&

May Component of the Month Challenge and Giveaway!

Over at Art Jewelry Elements you may have noticed we have a monthly challenge and giveaway.  For the month of May, I am providing the components!  Please hop on over to Art Jewelry Elements and enter a comment if you'd like to win some beads and play along! Here's what you're commenting for this month - a choice of a bead trio or cabochon! Never fear - if you don't get chosen and would still like to play along, I have cabs and bead trios available in my SueBeads etsy store ! 

More Beachy Summer Beads Available!

SueBeads etsy!

New Beads

I have two new beads that I am really excited about, they were just listed in my SueBeads etsy store ! With more to come later!

Color Of Dreams Blog Hop

The lovely Rita of Toltec Jewels is hosting a blog hop today, The Color of Dreams, and Patricia Handschuh of The Color of Dreams on etsy provided the beads! Here's the bead I received - as usual, I didn't take a photo of it before I made something!  I was going to go for the obvious, which to me was to make a bracelet, but my imagination just wasn't cooperating.  So I thought I'd make a key chain!  I wanted to use blue leather cord I had, but the hole in the bead was too small.  That's ok - I used Beadalon and all went well!   I strung a random assortment of seed beads on the cord, and ended with a blue leaf.  The blue leaf because the design in the bead is leafy to me! So, what are my dreams as of late?  I would have to say my business getting better and better, and being able to travel again.  My business getting better and better would be so great, because I have one child in college right now, and in two years, I'll have 2!  So, if you'd li

Horse Silhouette Beads

I just listed a pile of horse silhouette beads in my SueBeads etsy store !  Take a look!