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Bead Mixes Now Listed!

I listed some bead mixes yesterday; they were beads that were "orphans" or ones that just never made it into a set, or were leftovers, but they are perfectly good beads!  Since I have so many (ask any lampworker!) I have listed them in color bundles for a very good price - 10 beads for $30 (only $3 each!).  You can find them in my SueBeads etsy store!

Busy Weekend

Today Jason and I did this in my yard!  We took out the old edging (black plastic ugly) and dug the trench and used my belgian block from the wall in the back that we replaced last summer!  It's really really pretty and will be better when I get new plants!  I have a few more areas in the yard to do, it's going to look so great when it's done!  It was hard work! 

OPL #4 - Other People's Lampwork Destash Sale

Here's another offering for Other People's Lampwork Destash sale - 7 pillow beads in black with raku. Very pretty - measures 14mm square. $15 + $2 no frills shipping!

Enamel Beads Are Making Their Way Into The Store!

I'm listing some enamel beads right now!  The battery on my camera died so I am charging it, but LOTS more to come!  You can find them in my SueBeads etsy store!

Rondelle Challenge Participants

I did it the old fashioned way - my son picked them out of a bowl! Thanks to everyone who wanted to play, I'll do another challenge maybe in June, if there aren't too many then. In the meantime, if you all want to contact me with your addresses, I will send the beadies right out!

Rondelles Challenge

I am going to work with my man today, but wanted to show you what's new in the SueBeads shop! Rondelles! They aren't the same as the other ones I loved so much, and don't have any more of, and can't find any more of! But they are cool just the same. I made earrings from them - what do you think you would do with them? Want to show me? I will pick 5 people to participate in a challenge! You will receive a pair of these rondelle beads and we'll have a blog hop to see what you made! Just comment on this post by Wednesday evening at 8 pm. I'll choose 5 random people to receive a random pair of these rondelles! We'll do a little blog hop on May 26th! That should give everyone enough time to get something done, especially if you are participating in other hops!

Enamel Fluted Bead Caps

I've had some requests for the enameled fluted bead caps and I just listed a pile more in the SueBeads etsy store!

Enamel Bead Caps

I made a pile of fluted enamel bead caps today - they will be available this weekend in my SueBeads etsy store! But I thought I'd show you an idea of how to use them. If you check my pinboard, Gorgeous Creations Using SueBeads (or something like that) you'll see how some other people have been using them!

Key Charms

I think I really like the Ranger patinas - I have some beads and charms that won't take enamel, or take it very well, that I was going to destash but have been experimenting with the patinas instead! I love how they make these keys look like relics! You can find them in the SueBeads store! I'll have some in rust as well!

Ranger Patina

As you know, I love glass. I have piles of glass rods to make into beads. Then that darn Barb Lewis offered her course in Maryland on enameling beads and I had to do that too, enamel being just finely powdered glass! Then of course I had to buy piles of beads to enamel - I liked enameling different beads, ones that were vintage and in cool shapes! I have some serious piles of metal beads, mostly brass, that won't take enamel. Then, the amazingly talented Melinda Orr offered some Ranger Patinas from Vintaj for sale and I hopped on them. After I made beads today, I decided to play around with the patinas and the beads. Super fun to make, and then you heat treat them with your little heat gun to seal the color! Love these - hope you do too! You can find my first seven sets in my SueBeads etsy store - I'll be making more later!

OPL 3 - Other People's Lampwork Destash Sale

Here's the last post of Other People's Lampwork Destash sale! Prices are marked underneath, either $8, $10 or $14 with $2 no frills shipping! SOLD - OPL Lot 11 $8 + $2 OPL Lot 12 - $8 + $2 SOLD - OPL Lot 13 - $10 + $2 SOLD - OPL Lot 14 - $10 + $2 SOLD - OPL Lot 15 - $10 + $2

OPL 2 - Other People's Lampwork Destash Sale!

Here is the second set of Other People's Lampwork Lots available - they are all $8 plus $2 no frills shipping! Again, if you buy more than one lot, I will reduce shipping for you! OPL Lot 6 - $8 + $2 OPL Lot 7 - $8 + $2 OPL Lot 8 - $8 + $2 OPL Lot 9 - $8 + $2 OPL Lot 10 - $8 + $2