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Boy Bracelet

I made this bracelet for my boyfriend's son, Remington. It's his birthday and he's getting it tonight. I hope he likes it! I made it as boyish as I possibly could given I don't tend to make boy jewelry! What do you think?

Simone's Work

Some of you may know Simone from Huismus , from the Netherlands. She made some earrings from some of my beads and I thought I'll just show you them! I really like her work. I really like the ornate headpins she's used on these earrings! She makes my beads look fantastic!!!!

Bead Soup

I joined the Bead Soup Blog Party again, as I mentioned, Margot Potter is my partner. I received her beads today, so I thought I could show you what I sent her and what she sent me. I sent her what felt to me to be an Asian mix, reds and blacks, lampwork, enamel, and others. She sent me a teal/amber mix! When Lori said we might not get what we are used to, that's me! I never really work with these colors, so it will be a challenge, but I already have some ideas floating around in my head, so that's a really good thing! I'm excited to find the time to get started!


I picked up some cool buttons over the weekend at JoAnn's - just thought I'd show them to you!


I listed some focals today in the SueBeads etsy store - go ahead and check them out!

New Listings

I just listed some new items in my SueBeads etsy store yesterday! Lots of blues again, I guess i am stuck on blue a little!

Custom Bracelet

I can show you this now. My friend Cindy asked me to make her a bracelet with some beads she saw in my store. I've known Cindy since, who knows, 5th grade? I knew her personality and recently got reconnected with her on FaceBook and also a mini class reunion. She is a purple, in my mind. Do you see people in colors? Sometimes I do very clearly, and sometimes it takes me a while. But Cindy is a purple and this is the bracelet I made for her. She is thrilled with it, which thrills me! It's made with my Victoria Sparkle beads and Tanzanite AB swarovski crystal - the colors change whenever you move the bracelet, which is very cool!


I just relisted and reduced some items in my etsy store - check them out!


The turkeys are out today, looking for food! I snapped this photo from my car!


It's been a while since I took you on a tour of my recent purchases, so I thought I'd do that today! Make up for the lack of bead porn from Kelly !!!! Some tin bead caps from Lorelei's new store, Tin Snippets . I feel lucky I was able to snag some! Gorgeous porcelain flower pendant from Marsha Neal ! I've been wanting one for a while! Three violet buttons from Lisa Peters Destash - I love when she has a sale! I could spend a lot of money in her store! Some czech facted beads from - they were having a sale! More from - it was a sale, remember?!?!??!?

Great Day!

Wow, today is turning out to be a great day! First, I found out this morning that the amazing Margot Potter is my Bead Soup Partner! I have a good idea about what I'm going to send her, I hope she likes it! As I'm sure you all know, she's a pretty amazing person and great designer! Then, I got my Shun knife set this morning! Fed Ex was out bright and early (note to self- just because it's Saturday morning doesn't mean you should walk around the house with wet hair and no makeup!)! I received the money as a gift from my parents at Christmas to buy my knives. Loser that I am, I only ordered it a few days ago! Now finally I have a good knife set! Woo Hoo! Finally, I will be going to the Steeler playoff game against the Ravens later today! While it's going to be crazy, and I don't loooooove large crowds like that, I am excited to be going to the game with my sweetie and having some fun and bad food!

New Puppy

I went with Jason today to Ohio so he could pick out this adorable Springer Spaniel as his new puppy. He lost a long-time companion last week (Darby) and wanted to get a new puppy. No one around us breeds Springers so that's why we went to Ohio. Isn't she adorable? I was the nice girlfriend and drove home so the puppy could sit on his lap the whole way! They both took a nap too! Too cute!

Woo Hoo!

I had no idea that Bead Trends Blog did a video, but Debbie Goering of Prairie Emporium Jewelry sent me a link on FaceBook and guess what?!?!?!? They chose my earrings to show on the video! I'm so excited! For some reason, it won't download for me but you can see it if you click on the link for the Bead Trends Blog!



This is what my sweetie likes to say sometimes, in a joking manner. Something about some crazy cartoon video on the web... Anyways! I see I've been silent for almost a week here. It's been busy, although I can't say what I've accomplished except for fretting. Fretting about taxes, my spreadsheet not working right, paperwork, getting this house in order... I could go on. Instead, I'll just show you some photos of some beads available in the SueBeads etsy store right now. That should make this snow day a little more palatable!

Blue Day!

No, not for me, just the beads! Yesterday was a really great day for me! Thanks for all the nice comments about my Bead Trends jewelry! I had a big order from my web site too ( SueBeads )! I had some fun making enameled beads, and today I am back to lampworked beads! I am going out with my sweetie tonight to watch the Pens' game and have a couple beers! Wonder if they'll win as big as last night (8-1!)? You can find all the above-pictured beads in my SueBeads etsy store !

January Bead Trends

I totally forgot I had two items in the January 2011 Bead Trends Magazine. So imagine my surprise when I opened my front door to go get my mail, and my little box was waiting there with my items and two copies of the magazine. It's a great issue! Lorelei Eurto is the featured designer, and I am in such amazing company with all the other contributors! Happy Dance!

Blog Mentions!!!

Sam, from Australia, mentioned on her blog, Ryemilan's Stamping and Scrapbooking , that she made a teacher gift out of some beads she purchased from me! They were the terrazzo beads, and the bracelet looks fantastic! Also, Ann, of Bead Salad , mentioned my enameled head pins on her blog yesterday - check out her blog if you get a chance!