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Art Charm Swap

On the heels of the fabulous Art Bliss Retreat, where I participated in a leaf charm swap (photos to come) I am also participating in Jennifer Cameron's Inaugural Art Charm Swap . She chose three colors from the fall color forecast and challenged readers to make an art charm using one of the three colors. I chose Living Coral and hand-mixed some enamel, hoping I could get close enough! I am really enjoying making my enameled beads right now, so made my charm with a filigree bead and a turquoise round. I really hope it's close enough to the correct color! Now, I'm off to reopen my etsy store and take out the listing that I SOLD at the Art Bliss Retreat! I also have a wicked sore throat today...

Art Bliss

It's an Art Bliss weekend everyone! I'm going with my friend Leslie ( Bei Mondi ) and I'm sure we'll have a blast! Hopefully I'll be able to blog about it with my new toy! If not, you'll have to wait to see what I made on Sunday!

Birdhouse Gift!

My friend's father (who is 91) makes the most incredible birdhouses. Today I was gifted with this one. The photos really don't do it justice - when I have more time, I will take better photos but wanted to show you this incredible birdhouse. I am going to open an etsy store for him in a week or so - you just won't believe them! I'll show some photos when they're up for sale!

Art Bliss Charms

Finally finished my charms last night for the Art Bliss Leaf Charm swap! I'm pretty happy with them, and I hope the recipients are too! I can't wait for the weekend!

New Colors

I recently bought some new colors of enamel, and finally got around to taking some photos! These enameled beads will be in the SueBeads etsy store in a bit!

Beads Listed Today

I just listed some sparkly beads today - take a look at SueBeads etsy store !

This Could Be My Undoing

Art Bliss Charm Swap

I am going to the Art Bliss Inaugural Event in 2 weekends, and I can't wait! While there I am participating in the charm swap! The theme is Leaves! Here's a photo of the leaves I made tonight - now I just have to put the charms together!

More Goodies!

I found some more goodies at LisaPetersDestash on etsy! I can't resist her shop and she is killing me because she posts her updates on facebook! This button is so big, I have a sweater that I need to put it on. OR, I need to learn how to knit so I can make a sweater to do this button justice! Lovin' this scary pumpkin face! I need to make a bracelet out of it!

Celtic Knots

You knew I'd find the beads and buttons, right???

More Highland Games

Clan Kennedy tent and Lord Ailsa - on the left, red shirt. Caber toss! Scotties on parade (and one Westie)! Dessert!

Highland Games

Massed Bands! Border Collie Sheep Herding! The Flag of St. Andrews! Scottish Meat Pies! My kids having fun!


Just thought I'd show you a few of my recent purchases! Because I needed more, you know! Gorgeous porcelain cat pendants from SandhraLee on etsy ! Leaf pendant from who else but JadeScott on etsy ! Beautiful connector and buttons from LisaPetersArt on etsy !


Find here. Find here.

Enamel Listings Today

I have some new enamel listings for you today - check them out at SueBeads etsy store!

Baby Robins

Believe it or not, I have baby robins in a tree in my front yard! I thought this was WAAAAY too late for baby birds. I snagged this photo of them - can you find them? Then I felt really bad, because two of them flew out of the nest. But I guess they were ready!


Today, the last day of summer, me, my kids and some friends took a drive to Ohiopyle State Park, to see Cucumber Falls, the rapids, and generally celebrate the last day of summer! Here's some photos from our trip!

Walk in the Woods

Yesterday, I went for a walk on a hiking trail in a state park, with an old friend (yes, we are old!). I took some photos of some really cool rock formations, made my own rock formation, and found a place that serves turkey waffles. Does anyone know what turkey waffles are?????