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Fall Beads

Earth Sparkles Fall Twisted Flowers Wasabi Raku Earth Rocks Autumn Sparkles Autumn Leaves I've been busy making some orders (thank you!) and I haven't been posting many beady photos. So I thought I'd post some photos of items you can pick up in the SueBeads web store for your fall designs! These items have been in the catalog for a while now; they are always favorites!

Beads by Zu

Sunflower beads by Zu Mixed pairs polymer clay beads by Zu Do you know Zu? She makes great polymer clay beads, and sells them on etsy. I found her when I saw the beautiful sunflower beads she made - I had an idea in my head that they would go with some lampwork beads that I had made. We contacted each other, and did a trade! I purchased the sunflower ones (first photo), and traded her two hilton head beach lentils for another set of her pairs (mostly like the second photo). I love them all. Right now, I haven't made anything with them. I just hold them and look at them. She puts so much time into her canes, they are just gorgeous!!! You should check out her shop and blog !


Earrings by Heather of Humblebeads Heather at Humblebeads is having a studio tour and giveaway - stop by and see!

New Beads

Lots of new beads listed today in the SueBeads etsy store, and more to come later!

Work by Katie

Katie recently went on a very cool vacation, and while she was gone, she made some jewelry! Here are two sets of earrings she made with my beads! The first set was made from the galaxy sparkle beads I have available in my etsy store. The second two sets were made from some nice etched turquoise blue spacers, with copper discs from Humblebeads (I love these and wish I would have bought some!!!!!). You can read Katie's blog here !

More Work by Kris

Kris sent me some more photos of what she is doing with all the beads she is buying! She is selling her jewelry like crazy at a beach resort - if you want something by her, let me know and I'll contact her for you!

Paris Pastry Lab on Etsy

Sampler Box I bought myself a little treat last week - handmade caramels from Paris Pastry Lab . I just could not resist. I bought the Sampler Box - for $12.00, I got an assortment of different caramels direct from Paris! I was so excited to receive them in the mail yesterday! I love them all, but to my surprise, I love the ones called Belleville - it has pepper on top! It tastes really great. The Trocadero ones are great too (fleur de sel). If you are looking to treat yourself in some small way, this is a great way to do it!

Portugal - More Cascais

Silver Parrot

Kelly, of Silver Parrot , showed me a bracelet she made, and I need to show you! It's so cute and summery - made with some of my larger hole sea glass disc beads, plus a bunch of other glass beads from some talented glass artists! I just love it. I bet you do too!

More Portugal - Sintra

Toy Museum - Giant Playmobil Figure Moorish Castle on the top of the hill Tiles on the street I believe the engineer took most of these photos - I don't even know if mine are off my camera yet! Sintra is a nice little town (alink if you want to learn more), where tour buses are only allowed to park for five minutes for on/off loading. We didn't get to go up to the castle, although one of the engineer's students did and said it was really great! I guess I'll visit next time we go!!!! I thought the giant Playmobil figure was very cute and fitting for the town!

Customer Work!

Lime Crush, by Pam at cooljewelrydesign Pam at cooljewelrydesign on etsy made these very cute earrings with my lime sugar beads! Check them out with the link! These sugar beads are fun to make; if you want any, let me know!


I'm sorry for doing this, but to me it's so hilarious. I don't watch SpongeBob as a rule, but my kids have it on, often. I hear little quotes and see little things and sometimes it's just hilarious to me. Case in point: Sandy the Squirrel saying "that boy ain't hooked up right." I don't know why, it's just so freakin' funny to me. The way she says it, with her texas accent and all. OK, now go back to your regularly scheduled program. BTW, had dinner at a friend's house and now I smell like a golden retriever. YUCK.

Horse Pendant

You can find this horse pendant in my BellaHannahJane etsy store; this would be perfect for your designs for the Art Bead Scene July Challenge, the caves at Lascaux.

More Portugal - Cabo da Roca

When you go to Cabo da Roca (a link in case you want to read more about it) in Portugal, you get a certificate stating that you stood on the western most point of Europe! Yep, an actual certificate signed by the "mayor" of the town and sealed with a wax seal and everything - very cute! This was one of the excursions we took, with the engineer's group, the second day we were in Portugal.

Portugal Photos

First night in Cascais, Portugal - jetlagged is the look, Steak Portugese is the dish Cascais marina Hello Kitty time/temperature sign, sponsored by the Casino Estoril Thought I'd better get some photos of Portugal up here, before someone accuses me of not really going! My engineer boyfriend LOVES taking photos of me looking jetlagged (and I always take photos of him using his computer in the airport, on the plane or on the various buses we take when we travel!); here's one for you. I don't think it looks too horrible so I'm willing to put it up! Then the marina in Cascais, and just goes to show you, Hello Kitty is everywhere! Actually there's a lot of Japanese influence in Portugal and vice versa, considering Portugal visited Japan in the 14th century.
Wasabi Raku beads by Susan Kennedy, SueBeads See my beads on the Art Bead Scene blog today!

Just Listed...

Robin's Egg Raku I just listed a whole bunch of customer favorites in my etsy store - go on over and check them out!

Silver Parrot

Check out the blog Silver Parrot - she mentioned my beads again! Kelly is also helping me to realize that I need to restock the etsy store - I'm close to being finished with my bead orders, so should happen this week!

What Happened While I Was Gone...

Purple Clematis Portulaca Daylily Digitalis (Foxglove) Bird Girl White Clematis My garden went crazy - I always miss it because I'm gone at the same time every year. All the raspberries get eaten by the birds and chipmunks, the blueberries fall off the bush. Here's what I came home to!

Customer Work

Hey, check out what Katie of katiebead made with my Hilton Head Beach lentils!!! You can get them at . Have a great day!

Beaded Beads Poll

I just thought I'd do a quick post and let you know about the beaded beads poll! Out of 31 votes, 3 people said they wanted singles; 7 people preferred doubles; 16 said an assortment of colors in the same family was what they would be after; and, 5 just don't care for beaded beads! Thanks for all your help! There are several pairs listed in my etsy store right now. I did make a bracelet myself with coordinating lampwork beads and beaded beads, and I really like it. I am hoping a magazine likes it too; when I hear back, I'll post a photo of it! I'll leave you with a photo of a nice pair of beaded beads I like, in a pretty violet color!

Customer Work

Marie, of skyejewels on etsy, made these earrings with my lampwork beads! Aren't they pretty! If you want them, you can buy them! Click on the photo or the link!

What I Bought!

Portugal is very well known for a few things: cork, tiles, port wine, lace. I'm sure there are more, and I just don't know them! I wanted to show you what I bought when I was there. I did not buy very many things - I did not get to find a bead store in Lisboa, since I didn't get there! I didn't find a bead store in Cascais, and am not aware that one exists there! I did not find a bead store in Obidos, and can pretty much say with surety that there is no bead store in Obidos! However, I did buy a few wonderful things by which to remember my trip. I bought this beautiful hand painted tile in Obidos. In fact, I think I bought everything in Obidos. This tile is going to hang on the wall on my back covered porch - can't wait to put it out there! I bought this gorgeous terra cotta hand-painted dish in Obidos as well. It's for the oven, I'm sure, but I don't think it will ever see the oven - it's signed by the artist on the back. I think I'll