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The Phantom Of The Opera Blog Hop!

The lovely and apparently crazy Pamela Sears of The Crazy Creative Corner is hosting a blog hop today based on the Phantom of the Opera! When I heard about it, I said, yes, I'll play! I love that musical! My kids love that musical! Sometimes we go around singing the songs from it! And she gave us soooooo much time to get it together! So guess when I made my pieces? Yep, Thursday my true nature and fashion, I guess. I just seem to have so many distractions and things to do lately, with kids and jobs and Bead Fest took so much time, blah blah blah.  Everyone is in the same boat!  So here are my pieces for the Phantom Challenge! I actually made the necklace first, but I'm going to show you the earrings first.  I really like them!  I made them with my own shimmering lampwork beads, a pair of vintage chandelier crystals my mom gave to me, and a pair of pretty pearls!  Of course, you know the chandelier crystals are for!   I like how they turned out!  Of

Bead Fest Philly - Bead Swap

I'm finally getting around to post about Bead Fest, and I thought it might be nice to post about my Bead Swap first. Diana, from Suburban Girl Studio , organized the Bead Fest Bead Swap and assigned us all partners, as well!  My partner was Kathleen Lange Klik from Modern Nature Studio .  She's so sweet.  She's a great photographer and we talked for awhile about that since my daughter is so into photography.  Here are the beads she gave me, in no order:  Unicorne, FireFly, Elaine Ray and Marsha Neal. Then Flame Craze, Javanese, Green Girl, Humblebeads and Captured Moments. She made this felted bead all by herself!  It was a labor of love, I'm sure! But the most special one that she gave me was this one - she took this photo on a trip to St. Lucia and made it into this lovely pendant!  It's so special, she made it just for me!  Bead Fest was a lot of fun, and I'll return with some more photos of goodies on Sunday - now I have to go get ready for the P

New Listings

I'll be adding some new beads to the SueBeads etsy store today!  Check them out!

Bead Soup - Reveal Day!

Today is the third reveal for the 6th Annual Bead Soup Blog Party hosted by the amazing Lori Anderson of Pretty Things. My partner was Sandra Wollberg (from Germany) and in addition to the ear wires, focal and clasp you will see below, here's a reminder of what she sent me for my Bead Soup.  As is my usual style, I waited until Friday to make my pieces.  One, I work better under pressure, and two, I spent about 2 months getting ready for Bead Fest Philly and had no time to think about anything else!  But I think I'm pretty happy with how things turned out!  Sandra made these ear wires from copper.  I used these gorgeous copper lantern beads she sent, as well as the opalite dagger beads.  I think they make a great pair of earrings! Then, I made a bracelet.  I used copper chain that I had, and since the clasp was a three-strand clasp, I made a three-clasp bracelet!  Two strands are the copper chain.  On the middle strand, I used the bead caps and opalite rounds she s

Egg Beads

I just added a bunch of egg beads to my SueBeads etsy store !  You can go check them out while I take some photos of the loot I bought/traded/swapped for at Bead Fest 2012!

Key Charms

I listed some metal patina beads tonight!  I got the Ranger Patina by Vintaj from Melinda Orr, and they look great on these little brass key charms.  Check them out in my SueBeads etsy store !  They are listed individually so you can buy one for a dangle, two for a pair of earrings, or many for a necklace!

I'm Back and Listing on Etsy!

Hi!  I'm back from Bead Fest!  I'll start posting and giving you the run down tomorrow! I am listing some items in my SueBeads etsy store today!  I have lots to tell you about!  I met many of you, did a great bead swap, won a prize, had a date with my boyfriend in Philadelphia, it was a full weekend!  But for now, you can start finding some new items in my SueBeads etsy store !  Thanks for checking in!

Bead Fest Or Bust Sale!

Yep, there's a sale going on! From Friday, August 10 to Sunday, August 12, you can get 20% off in my SueBeads etsy store by using coupon code BEADYGIRL. The following artists/designers are participating in the sale!  Check them out! Melinda Orr  -  Melinda Orr Designs  -  15% off w/coupon code BEADYGIRL   Enter for the Leather Bracelet Kit Giveaway on the blog Etsy: Blog: Facebook: Lorelei Eurto  -  Lorelei Eurto Jewelry  -  20% w/coupon code BEADYGIRL store: blog: Facebook: Marsha Neal  -  Marsha Neal Studio - 10% off your entire purchase  from my Etsy shop  including the special SALE section  that has items marked down 30% off.   Coupon Code: BEADYGIRL Every listing purchased during this date from Marsha's Etsy shop  will get entered into an

Bead Fest Sneak Peek!

 Pretty Eggs!  Turquoise Ocean Frit Beads!  Coral pretties!  Cameo beads in many colors! I've been hoarding the beads for a little bit now, but wanted to show you a sneak peek of some of the beads you will find at my table at Bead Fest Philly!  These are all my new favorite, and hope they will be yours too!  Whatever doesn't sell at Bead Fest will go up for sale in my SueBeads etsy store when I get back!


That's my booth number at Bead Fest Philly August 17-19.  You can see me there and get some beadies from me!  And you can use the above pass to get in for free!  Yep, $12 value free!  And I have some post cards, if you'd rather me mail you one!  Just let me know!  And I hope to see you there!

Bead Fest or Bust Sale Coupon Code!

In anticipation of Bead Fest, a bunch of us are getting together to have a great sale for you!  You can get 20% off in my etsy store by using coupon code BEADYGIRL from August 10 - 12!  I know, my etsy store is a little sparse right now.  I'm saving all the beads for Bead Fest.  When I get back, I'll have a bunch of inventory to load in the store - well, I hope not, but probably!  Right now, there are a lot of items that are going to expire so this is a chance to get a great price on them! PPPSSSST - the discount might show up a little bit early if you check!

New Beads

I'm so burned out this morning with making beads, and feel like I'm nowhere ready for Bead Fest, but there's a point, I guess, where I have to do inventory and see what I need to do with my week, so maybe that will be today.  But I wanted to introduce you to some new beads I made this week.  They look like cameos, to me, so I'm going to call them my Cameo Series beads.  I really love them all, but my fave is that green in the middle.  It's made with CIM Dirty Martini and, as my boyfriend says, looks very victorian.  I can see these being used for weddings.  Although, I would say I'm a bit late for the wedding bead gig.  Oh well, better late than never.  I will have a limited supply of these at Bead Fest (my booth is #456 in the Artisan Section) so if you want some immediately, come and get them!  Otherwise, I will slowly ramp them out when I get back and take about a week off!  You can also let me know now if you'd like some, and I'll make your custom

Bead Soup Preview

First, I have to apologize for being noticeably absent lately, on this blog, on comments, on commenting on blogs, on facebook, in groups, etc!  I have been getting ready to sell at Bead Fest Philly on August 17, 18, and 19, and have been making beads twice a day most days!  That leaves a little bit of time to clean and package up beads, along with the day-to-day stuff that a house, two kids, a boyfriend and life brings!  But I do want to show you what my partner for Bead Soup 2012 sent me! Sandra Wollberg is from Germany.  She has a blog called Stories from the City of Brass .  She makes very very pretty jewelry!  Currently, she is showing a reveal to a challenge she participated in and I must say, that necklace she made is gorgeous!  She is so generous, too! She sent me these vintage earrings she found in Germany.  They are so cute, I can't wait to wear them!  And I get to tell everyone the story of where they are from! Sandra made the focal herself - it's a gorgeous etch