Saturday, April 9, 2011

April Art Bead Scene Monthly Challenge - Finches and Bamboo

Finches and Bamboo, Northern Song dynasty (960–1127)
Emperor Huizong (1082–1135, r. 1101–1125) Chinese
Handscroll; ink and color on silk; 11 x 18 in. (27.9 x 45.7 cm)
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
John M. Crawford, Jr. Collection, Purchase, Douglas Dillon Gift, 1981

April's Art Bead Scene Monthly Challenge is Finches and Bamboo. I have to admit that I love Asian art, I am mesmerized by it. When I went to Japan I had the most wonderful time going into museums and just staring at the beautiful art. We also went to a kimono museum and I could have stayed all day just looking at the intricate designs and amazing colors. I am really really hoping to get to submit to this challenge this month, although if you check the date, you'll see that we're fast running out of time! Where does the time go anymore?

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Anonymous said...

i've been trying to get into a challenge, but to no avail. one day soon....

i've made some earrings with some of your beads and have a pix posted on my blog.

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