Monday, March 22, 2010

Enamel Bead Bonanza

Here are the enamel beads I made the other day - now I just have to divide them and photograph them! What do you like in enamel beads - sets, pairs, color coordinated?

Thanks everyone for all the nice comments about my daughter and myself! They are much needed and much appreciated! It is hard to be vigilant about her concussion, mostly mentally! While it doesn't seem like a big deal from the outside, I know this can affect her for the rest of her life! Thank you so much for your concern!


stregata said...

Hope you are both feeling better soon!!

Norma said...

Some pairs and sets (5-6 beads) with assorted colors please. I can't wait till you post them on Etsy.

oblibby said...

Gorgeous beads. I love seeing them in mixed colours and sizes.

Hope your daughter is doing ok.

Lisa xoxo

Azure Islands Designs said...

Love the beads...coordinated sets would be nice...
I hope both you and your daughter are feeling better!