Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Trade With Jade

Do you know Jade Scott? She makes these wonderful hand-poured, hand forged silver/copper and resin and paper pendants. I love them - I found out about them from some things that Lorelei made. She contacted me last week and wondered if I would do a trade with her. She didn't need to ask twice! I sent her some beads she wanted from my etsy store, and she sent me these two pendants that I was drooling over. I love them! Of course, I didn't do justice to the pendants with my picture. I did take it outside, however, it is cloudy here today and I took it on white paper which wrinkled up when I opened the front door. Oh well - I never said I was a photographer. Maybe I should take a class? Did I mention that before?


Lorelei said...

You got some sweet ones too!

Have you thought about, instead of using white paper, a nice large slate tile from the hardware store? That's what I use, and it works like a charm.
Everything looks great against the dark charcoal gray color.

SueBeads said...

You are right, I'd rather take it on something like that outside than in the lightbox. Do you do your photos outside?

Lorelei said...

No, I take them right by my picture window.
But you could do it outside if you had a nice spot.

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