Saturday, February 9, 2013

Even More Customer Work!

Just thought I may as well continue the theme and show you some more customer work! This first one is by Kashmira Patel.  These are gorgeous earrings made with my enameled leaves!  I love them!
This next pair of earrings is by Loralee Kolton of Loralee Kolton on etsy.   These were made with my pixie shimmer beads, they are so amazingly perfect for winter or a fancy night out!

Finally, these earrings are by Sharyl McMillian-Nelson of Sharyl's Jewelry on Artfire.  She used my baroque beads to create these very unique earrings!

If you have any creations you'd like me to share here on my blog, please let me know! 


Laura Twiford said...

I hate to say it Sue, but I have been hoarding your gorgeous beads so far! I need to make some lovelies too and put them to good use!

Saturday Sequins said...

I love that you feature your customers' work. People are making some awesome things!

I love those red enameled beads. Wow. <3

Kashmira said...

Thanks for featuring my earrings, Susan :) Here's my store in case you wanted to link it up:

Thank you!!

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