Thursday, September 1, 2011


Remember these?To me they look like white pumpkins right now! If I etched them, I think they'd look even more like those white pumpkins, which I just might do if someone wanted them! Last night I made some "pumpkin" beads in orange, and I think they look pretty cool!
And I could NOT resist buying these pumpkins from Kylie Parry on etsy. She also made some plain ones, which I had to have as well! And some other things, too. She is just making too many cute things - she's mean! Hopefully my show in October will be well worth it!


Anonymous said...

I love the Halloween season! Your beads are cool but, those pumpkins from Kylie are so darn cute! They would accent each other so well in a bracelet! Hmmm! Now you got me thinking!

Shirley said...

Yeah, she's not the only meanie, making such cute stuff! Those pumpkins are awesome!!!

hello gorgeous said...

oh, how cuuuuuute are those lil' pumpkin faces! ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx

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