Saturday, July 30, 2011

Death By Weekend

Busy busy, that's how it always is here anymore! Which is a good thing, considering how many things need to be done! On Friday, we "took the day off" and took all the kids to Idlewild Park! They have a new wave pool, so we did that first for hours, then went to the amusement park part for hours! We had a great day, leaving the house no later than 11:30 am and returning about 11:00 pm! Here is a cute photo collage of our day. Lots of stuffed animals were won!Today, we did some mulching in my front and side yards. This was a much-needed chore as well, and we got all the kids involved. Things look really great! There is still some mulching to do, so later this week the rest will get done. Of course, it wouldn't be a weekend without starting a totally new project. The bottom right photo in the collage shows how the omni-stone bricks were picked up to be reset - this week as well.

Finally, I thought I'd give you a pool update. This is how it looks now. Pretty, huh? Jeff called and said the liner would be in Monday or Tuesday, so he should be here Tuesday or Wednesday to start it. Apparently it's going to take a few days.

Tonight, me and my sweetie are going to go out for a few Perfect Margarita's, and then start all over again tomorrow!


Shirley said...

Wow, I wanna come live at your house! Love the Friday play, and the landscaping is to die for. We've decided we need some big boulders in our yard to take up some space! :)

TesoriTrovati said...

How cool is it to have a pool! I can envision all sorts of parties there. What fun!
Enjoy the day.

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