Monday, November 16, 2009

Sign Spotting

One day, the engineer got a check in the mail. We had no idea who it was from, or what it was for. There was a notation that he could google, and it turns out his photo above was published! We were in Pisa and took a tour of the Leaning Tower; this sign was at the bottom of the steps. We love funny signs (there are SO many in Japan, he even submitted one from Japan too) and I told him he should submit it to the Sign Spotting feature in the newspaper. He did, and I guess they published it and sent him a check. His caption was Beware of Break Dancers (goofy, but funny). This weekend, he received a mystery package in the mail; it was this book! So if you want a few laughs, why don't you go check out the book? It's fun!

1 comment:

Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

Too cute - break dancing. It took me a minute to get it. :)

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