Sunday, August 16, 2009

Storm Brewing

Yesterday, around 3:30, there was a storm brewing out in the ocean- it was really cool because the sky above the horizon was so dark, the clouds above that were so white, and the ocean looked so green with the sunlight. I ran inside to get my camera to get a photo - and this is the photo I got! It must have been so hazy outside, that we didn't even realize it. The engineer's photos look the same way so it's not my terrible photography skills! Crazy!


stregata said...

Strange haze - it looks like you have condensed water in your lens, because the corners of the picture don't seem to be affected.
Hope you are having a great vacation!

SueBeads said...

Renate - you are right. I took a new photo today - nice but not storm-cool, and I waited and watched and the condensation did happen! Thanks!

SummersStudio said...

Look at those clouds! Even though you've got the condendation happening I can still see the storm coming in.