Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Beads

Nebula Squeezed Beads

I just listed a bunch of new beads in my SueBeads etsy store - some got picked up pretty quick, including the ones above. I will make more though, because I think they turned out so cool!


stregata said...

These are beautiful!!! Oh Sue, I know what that inner critic is like, but you make such beautiful beads. Even if you think someone else makes far better beads, that doesn't mean yours aren't good!! I don't remember who this saying is from, but: "if only the best birds sang, it would be very quiet in the woods".

SueBeads said...

Thank you so much, Renate! What a lovely saying - I will remember it when I am feeling bad!

Rocki said...

Very cool indeed! Love them!

Happy Friday :)

Silver Parrot said...

These are beautiful!

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