Friday, April 24, 2009

Checked Bags

This is what I found in my in-box this morning:

"Save time and money when you check in online. Beginning July 9, 2009, you'll be able to pay for checked bags when you check in online – $15 for your first checked bag and $25 for your second. For customers who choose to pay for checked bags at the airport, there will be an additional $5 service fee, so save a few when you check in online"

After I let out a huge laugh, I became a bit angry.


Lorelei said...

HA! I know. it totally sucks. what they don't tell you, is if your bag is over a certain weight limit, that $15 jumps up to $50!! :(

SummersStudio said...

Wow, I didn't even no that there was a checked bag fee. I've travelled for so long now with just carry on. Poo.

Kristin said...

Yup. I hate this. First time we had to do it was last October when the hubby and I went to New Orleans. Our bag was 48 pounds when we checked it, so we had to be super careful about what we bought.

I'm Julia said...

The golf clubs now stay home.

LADY ROOTS said...

Peaceful greetings from Jamaica.

We are notorious for over weight baggage at airports. I've been at American airports headed home and watched some of my sistren putting on several pair of pants, two skirts and three blouses just to get the suitcase weight down to 49.75 pounds. They may have looked chaka chaka (messy) but they didn't pay overweight baggage charges! You do what you gotta do!

Bless Up,
Lady Roots

SueBeads said...

Lady Roots - that's great!