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Art Elements Theme of the Month - January - Use Your Stash

Usually I'm so much better about the January Use Your Stash Challenge (hosted by Lindsay Starr this time), but this year, time is just not my friend. Between the holidays, going away on vacation, and getting back to work and trying to make new beads, there's just not a lot left in me at the end of the day.  But I did manage to get this pair of earrings made using Inviciti heart charms, some new metal spacer beads I just got, and some titanium hematite beads picked up at a Bead Fest here and there!

I really like them, mostly because they are simple and hearts are my thing!  Check out what everyone else made! Thanks for stopping by!

Art Elements:


baymoondesign said…
I love your earrings. I like simple compact designs so I love yours. The hearts are just gorgeous.
These are super cute, and perfect for the upcoming valentines holiday!
Linda said…
Love these earrings. I'd wear them all the time!
Diana P. said…
Super cute earrings! Hey, you made more than I did! LOL!
Sarajo Wentling said…
I think that we all can relate to time not being on our side! I love the earrings you made and applaud you for getting something done even if you weren't totally feeling things. :)
Saraccino said…
The earrings are lovely and they look like they have a wonderful movement when worn! I actually "cheated" a little bit for this challenge because I took the opportunity to finally finish some earrings and it was quite easy and fast done (strangely enough the sat for a really long time!).
Niky Sayers said…
These are so cute, I know the feeling of time running away where has January gone?
Jenny said…
You do like hearts dont you? I love these - simple, every day. And early for next month!
Unknown said…
Things happen, my dude! But those heart earrings are super cute. :D
Lindsay said…
I can't even tell you how many times I've had a cart full of items from that shop...and still haven't bought anything from them! I love how rustic their pieces are, and your earrings perfectly accent the components.
CraftyHope said…
You got something made and that's more than many of us can say. I think the earrings are lovely. They are simple and sublime.
Laney said…
You did better than me! I have no idea where January went!!
Love these earrings! Perfectly simple and beautiful. Are they metal clay? Metal? Ceramic?
Caroline said…
They're really pretty... I'd wear them a lot!
Those are gorgeous earrings! I love Invicti. I just went nuts on their pmc chrams when they had their sale. hehe
LYILHA said…
Ok so I am NOT a heart person but honestly those earrings make me rethink that position! I like how rustic and elegant they are at the same time!

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