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Art Jewelry Elements August Headpin Design Challenge

It's the end of August, which means it's time for another Art Jewelry Elements challenge!  This month it was a headpin design challenge, and I am ALL OVER IT!  I have a few headpin tutorials over at the Art Jewelry Elements blog:

Flower Disc Bead Earrings

Flower Headpin Earrings

Earring Stacks with Headpins

And then I made all of these other earrings with my headpins!

These earrings used pretty filigree copper bead caps with czech beads and a size 8 seed bead.

These earrings used a gorgeous brass bead cap with a titanium hematite rondelle and a size 8 seed bead in a complementary color.

These beach inspired earrings used an ammonite headpin with titanium hematite spacers, and a gorgeous coppered aqua pumpkin bead, an indonesian bead, a wood bead, and a size 11 seed bead to capture all of the elements of the beach!

And these earrings, which are also beach themed, using an ammonite headpin, titanium hematite spacer beads, czech faceted rondelles and a titanium hematite round.

I was also inspired by these pretty enameled beads that I have been making to turn them into headpins as well!

And I made even more!

And yes, I was so excited by this topic I made beach headpins too! These headpins are not perfectly shaped, on purpose; I wanted a little character with these headpins!

So, as you can see, I really enjoyed the challenge this month!  Please check out what everyone else who participated made by visiting their links!  Thanks for stopping by!  Oh, and you can find my headpins in my SueBeads etsy store!


AJE Team Members:


Deb Fortin said…
I love your headpins . I think I have to go shopping now. Love the beach-y ones in all their wonky glory.
Karin G said…
Your headpins are always so beautiful! I'm already regretting my decision to not buy any beads for a while!
just LOVELY! but I always love your work Sue :) Both your headpins, and your beautiful designs
Laney said…
You are on a roll!!
Bijoux Gems Joy said…
Love both your earrings and headpins Sue! The beachy ones are especially eye catching.
Saraccino said…
Gosh, the earrings and headpins are all lovely and the feel so much like summer for me! Already dreading the end of summer...
I love all your headpins!! I must go straight to the auction/sale on FB and buy some right now.
Jenny said…
So many fun earrings! So many fun colors! That last pair of headpins are gasp-stunning-drool!
Caroline said…
Gorgeous work Sue! I'm in love with your latest headpins, especially the ocean colours... they're beautiful!
Alison Adorns said…
I think your head pins are so fun! This was really up your alley and I love it when people get their creative juices flowing! Great job!
Tammy Adams said…
All of your earring designs are so filled with joy. I think it would make anyone happy to wear them. And of course your headpins are divine. The beach-inspired ones are especially drool-worthy.
Lindsay said…
Sue, I love them all! I need more of your headpins!
Oh SUE! I love your headpins. You make such gorgeous drops. And I'm totally thrilled you used a pair of my headpins in your earrings too.
Niky Sayers said…
Such lovely earrings Sue and oh my those pins! I really, really love those last few pairs!
baymoondesign said…
Your earrings and headpins are wonderful. I love seeing the unique ways that you use them in your earring designs.
Beautiful earrings and headpins.
Diana P. said…
So many cute earrings!!! Also, those new pieces you are making... ::Drools::
Oh my, how beautiful! I love the beachy ones too AND the purplely ones...Excellent job!
Leona said…
You certainly found some mojo for this challenge. Love the Beachy ones, wonkiness and all.
Lesley said…
Great collection earrings Sue and you can tell from my post how much I love your headpins!
Anonymous said…
Happy earrings! :)
Oh my, I am in love with the last headpins! They are all so beautiful.
I can tell you had a lot of fun creating your design and headpins too! I am enamored with each and every piece.

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