Thursday, March 31, 2016

AJE Component of the Month - EYE Theme - with Lindsay Starr

As another month rolls around, so does the AJE Component of the Month challenge - this month was a theme challenge and Lindsay Starr is our host - theme is EYE. 

I hope you go back and read Lindsay's original post, as it is very interesting.  I won't rehash what she already elegantly explained about the symbology of the eye.  I'll just get on with my post!  Incidentally, Michael's happened to have TONS of eye-themed components this month!  Lindsay must be right on trend!  Here are some photos I took!

I also wanted to show you the little tiny evil eye charm I picked up in Greece about 10 years ago - I was going to use it in this project, but just couldn't bring myself to use it up!  Then I wouldn't really be able to hold it and fondle it lol! I also meant to make some lampwork evil eyes, and may still, but didn't really get the chance to do that!

For my project, Kristie Roeder, a ceramist, was offering some great evil eye cabochons in the Ceramic Art Bead Market group on Facebook.  I failed to win the auction, but she made me one to order!  Here is her photo, because as usual I forgot to take one!

I'm not finished with my design, because for some reason March is shorter than usual (not really, I just lost a week somewhere!).  But here's where I am!

My plan is to make a strap to turn this into a necklace!  I was pleased at how my first-ever foray into fringe turned out - it's harder to do than it looks!  Also, I have to apologize for these last two photos since I took them at 10pm in the evening with horrible light!  I hope you enjoyed my creation, and I do hope you re-read Lindsay's original post - it's really quite enlEYEtening!  Thanks for stopping by!  Please see what everyone else made!

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Lesley said...

Lovely design Sue - really sets of Kristy's beautiful cab.

Jenny said...

AWESOME. Kirstie's eye cabs were exactly right and I love what you have done. Your fringe accentuates and doesn't overpower.

LYILHA said...

Wow! I find it VERY interesting that eyes are so "in" right now!!! I saw those cabs while she was selling them too! I love how you treated the cab as the primary focus of the pendant - I look forward to seeing it finished!

Caroline said...

That's looking fabulous so far, I love Kristie's ceramic pieces!

Alison Herrington said...

I love it! You matched the beautiful colors in the pendant perfectly. Your fringe is amazing, I need to try that!

Tammy Adams said...

The frame you created for the focal is amazing. I tried making beaded fringe once. I couldn't get the dangles to hang straight. Yours looks perfect. Very nicely done.

Lindsay said...

Yay Sue! I love what you've got so far! I didn't get a chance to start anything with the eye I snagged from Kristie, so I'm glad to see you did! It's so graphic - sure to keep the evil eye at bay!

Niky Sayers said...

Lovely Sue, the colours are great and the fringe really finishes the piece off well!


Forgot to add my Inuit piece to the keep your sanity post, here it is!