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Challenge of Color Blog Hop

Erin Prais-Hintz, that wonderful woman, hosts quarterly challenges and November is the month for the Challege of Color!  I was lucky enough to be included in the hop, and I chose Algerian Abstract out of the two palettes she sent me.   The palettes came from the US Geological Service from their LandSat Project:
 "Our Earth as Art: A Landsat Perspective" is a collection of spectacular satellite images acquired by the Landsat 7 satellite.  These remarkable portraits of earth were selected for their aesthetic value. The color enhanced satellite images show astonishing patterns and abstractions of vivid colors and fantastic shapes. The collection was originally developed to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Landsat program -- the United States' oldest land-surface observation satellite system that captures remotely sensed images of the earth's land surface and surrounding coastal regions. A series of satellites have been launched since 1972, with Landsat 5 and 7 currently in orbit. Landsat is a dual-agency program between NASA and the U.S. Geological Survey."

Here is how the US Geological Service describes this picture:

"What look like pale yellow paint streaks slashing through a mosaic of mottled colors are ridges of wind-blown sand that make up Erg Iguidi, an area of ever-shifting sand dunes extending from Algeria into Mauritania in northwestern Africa. Erg Iguidi is one of several Saharan ergs, or sand seas, where individual dunes often surpass 500 meters-nearly a third of a mile-in both width and height"

You can actually buy a print of your picture, I think that's pretty cool!  Algeria and Mauritania are areas I know very little about - they are considered an Arab Mahgreb country in West Africa.  They are mostly desert with great dunes, as mentioned above.

While the colorful culture of Western Africa is an inspiration, I decided to go with the color palette of the photo.  I immediately thought of the earthy colors of glass I have on hand, and decided I would make a long necklace and use sterling to connect the beads.  I also used liver-of-sulpher to patina the silver after the piece was completed.   Here's a photo of the piece before everyone took a bath in the liver-of-sulpher and tumbled in the tumbler.

Here's the finished piece:

I made my own ribbed barrel beads in the colors of the palette, and lined them up in the order of the palette as well.
 I made dozens of wrapped links!

It's a very long necklace - it measures 32"!

I'm pretty happy with it.  I could be happier, I think, if I had a better color of brown.  This "brown" is really cinnamon, and it reacts in the flame and in the kiln, so it's not quite a consistent color.  Also, I made some of my own wire wrapped links, but you can't see them very well.  I should have made more - I like them!

Thank you Erin, for all the work you put into this challenge, and all of the other ones you host!  I know this is a tough job, and you do it so well!

Here's a list of all the other participants - please take a look at what they made with their palettes.

Erin Prais-Hintz
Rebecca Anderson
Kris Auderer
Chrizette Bayman
Lori Bowring Michaud
Courtney Breul
Lynsey Brooks
Stephanie Buss
Iveth Caruso
Shannon Chomanczuk
Lisa Cone
Cece Cormier
Lori Dorrington
Dawn Doucette
Jeannie Dukic
Kim Dworak
Beth Emery
Janice Everett
Pam Farren
Donetta Farrington
Gloria Ferrer
Cherrie Fick
Therese Frank
Patty Gasparino
Tanya Goodwin
Ambra Gostoli
Jess Green
Denielle Hagerman
Mary Harding
Karla Hartzog
Kim Hora
Brandi Hussey
Emanda Johnson
Jennifer Justman
Sue Kennedy
Ema Kilroy
Lee Koopman
Linda Landig
Kirsi Luostarinen
Cynthia Machata
Alicia Marinache
Beth McCord
Mary K McGraw
Karen Mitchell
Cheri Mitchell-Reed
Aimee Moisa
Karla Morgan
Penny Neville
Becky Pancake
Kashmira Patel
Alice Peterson
Kayla Potega
Debbie Price
Bobbie Rafferty
Caron Reid
Nicole Rennell
Cynthia Riggs
Andrea Ross
Sally Russick
Annie Scherz
Pam Sears
Renetha Stanziano
Sandra Stein
Kristen Stevens
Tracy Stillman (had to bow out due to a wrist injury)
Sherri Stokey
Lola Survillo
Kay Thomerson
Jo Tinley
Emma Todd
Cory Tompkins
Pam Traub
Melissa Trudinger
Michelle Tucker
Shelley Graham Turner
Monique Urquhart
Rachel Van-Walsk
Patti Vanderbloemen
Lesley Watt
Lynn White
Joan Williams


OMG - your barrel beads....LOVE THEM! I would never have thought to combine these colors together - and they are fabulous! Love your wire-wrapped links! Since I attended Art Bliss in September, I have been using LOS on EVERYTHING - I NEVER thought that would happen! This is just gorgeous - and the length is so perfect!
adlinah said…
Love the long long necklace. They're my favorite type of necklace to wear. I have to disagree with you on the brown beads though,I think they're perfect - the uneven blend of browns is so pretty, and much more interesting than plain old brown.
Carol Dee, CZT said…
Great job! Love the barrel beads! Color looks right ON to me!
Courtney Breul said…
Really wonderful color palette! I love your wire work also. (love long necklaces....)
Unknown said…
What a beautiful necklace - the beads are perfect!
Mary Harding said…
Your necklace is so earthy and looks like it has great flow and flexibility. Love those colors. I really like that you showed us what it looked like before and after the liver of sulfur bath and tumbling. I just love the patina version.
I love your beads, Sue, the pattern reminds me of the waves on the sand dunes of the Ergs. And silver is the perfect choice; it is in all the traditional jewellery of the Kabyle people of Algeria. You did an awesome job honouring the inspiration picture!
Unknown said…
I love to see your beads! The fact that you get to create them to the exact color of the palette is just awesome. I love the wirework, and the fact that the bead color followed the palette color. These are wonderful palettes, and I'm going to do some discovering on that site.
Unknown said…
LOVE those beads, so chunky! How lucky you are to just be able to "whip up some beads" to match whatever palette in front of you. AND I like the necklace especially after it's bath! NICE work Lady! Happy Holidays.
I love the ribbed barrels! Beautiful! I can think of so many things to do with those that would look stunning. Great job!
Jean A. Wells said…
I love this necklace. I mean I really love this necklace. Great job.
Oh my gosh - love, love, love your beads!!! Your necklace is just perfect! Love the patina on the silver. Stunning piece!
balanced. said…
you matched those colours perfectly! wonderful job!
Cece Cormier said…
Nice ribbed barrels. Agree brown is a tough color to match. Most seem to have too much red or too much green in them. Devardi makes a nice brown, but it is slow going.
Karin Slaton said…
I love your palette - those colors really speak to me, and that necklace with the silver accents would be so much fun to wear. I might never want to take it off!
Anonymous said…
these colors are just perfect with that pallette! I do like these beads also and putting it through the liver of sulphur toned that silver down so it worked so well with them.
Cynthia said…
I think your necklace matches your palette quite nicely. Love the finished piece, with patina! Great job!
Jess Green said…
Wow the tones in your beads are just perfect, this is one sassy necklace :)
Tanya said…
That is just gorgeous. I love your beads and the sterling chain is a perfect compliment! I love longer necklaces because they are so versatile and you get more beady goodness. :)
Oh, so jealous that you can make your own beads! Love this necklace. Bet you could make a great lanyard from it, too!
Cheri said…
Hi Sue, I love your necklace and your color palette is perfect!
Maplegirl said…
Such beautiful colors together. I love that palette too. How fabulous that you made your own beads. Andrea
Becky Pancake said…
Great job with your color palette. I like your necklace a lot.
Super Palette and I loved your choices of beads :) JLynn
Anonymous said…
You captured the colors of the palette beautifully! I love it :)
Brandi Hussey said…
Oh, those beads are fantastic! And actually, I kind of love that the brown is so unpredictable. I know, I know, not the best for a color challenge you're trying to match, but each of them turned out so wonderfully! Little happy surprises.

Thanks for playing along today!
Caron Michelle said…
Beautiful colours ~ your necklace is gorgeous, love your interpretation of the palette! Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ
OMG! Sue, I absolute love everything about the necklace you created!! I love long necklaces, there is just something romantic about them, and the shape and color (especially the brown) of your lampwork beads create such a wonderful flow and such great texture!!!
Your design is gorgeous. I love that you were able to make beads to match your pallet. Those barrel beads are my favorite so far in this hop.
Karen Mitchell said…
I'm in love with your ribbed beads, and they pair beautifully with your wirework!
TesoriTrovati said…
Miss Sue, you are so sweet to me! Thank you for your kind words. It is only a success because of all the beauty that each of the participants creates and the dedication that you bring to this Challenge! I love that you created the beads for this challenge, a blessing in your profession! This is a beautiful necklace that I think would work with everything in my closet! Thanks for playing Miss Sue. Enjoy the day! Erin
CraftyHope said…
This is such a gorgeous palette and you really reflected that in your necklace. The patina on the silver definitely let the colors shine through rather than the silver. Wonderful work as always!
Hi Sue,
You and I had the same color palette. I love your long necklace and I am envious that you can make your own glass beads to use in a piece. Your necklace is very beautiful.
EmandaJ said…
To me, this was one of the most intriguing images and that you chose to interpret the texture as well as the color is just amazing. Gorgeous!
Donetta said…
Sue, your wrapped links are perfection...and you totally nailed the color palette! As always, an inspiration to me.
Ah I like the brown variation, it makes a nice contrast to the others, such a pretty colour scheme, that beauty of a necklace would look good on anyone.
Michelle Tucker said…
Wow, I really love your barrel beads, (especially the brown ones ;) Thank you for showing the before and after pics, its amazing how much depth you can achieve with LOS.
KayzKreationz said…
What a great necklace. Love the length. And the ribbed beads are great.
Alice said…
A gorgeous necklace! I love your handmade barrel beads--the colors are just perfect for the inspiration photo. And all that wire-wrapping makes for a wonderful chain.

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