Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lucky Me!

I was lucky enough to win one of Pearl's giveaways on The Beading Gem's Journal!  I won a set of tutorials from Corra from deCors Handmade Jewelry!  Please visit her and check out her tutorials!  They are really great and should add nicely to my soon-to-become-wrapping repetoire!  These are the tutorials I chose!


Corra said...

Thanks Sue, glad that you had fun! :)

Cindy said...

You are lucky indeed, Sue!! Corra's work has always blown my mind, it is just so incredible! I'm not even sure where I'd begin with such intricate wirework. I'm looking forward to see what you create once you start working on one of the tutorials.

Shirley Moore said...

Sue, I lost my blog roll, and am very slowly adding it back in, so I missed this post. Congratulations! That was a great giveaway, and I'm glad you won it.