Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bead Fest Sneak Peek!

 Pretty Eggs!
 Turquoise Ocean Frit Beads!
 Coral pretties!
 Cameo beads in many colors!

I've been hoarding the beads for a little bit now, but wanted to show you a sneak peek of some of the beads you will find at my table at Bead Fest Philly!  These are all my new favorite, and hope they will be yours too!  Whatever doesn't sell at Bead Fest will go up for sale in my SueBeads etsy store when I get back!


Marie Cramp said...

You are such a tease ;)
Beads Look great!!

SummersStudio said...


Rosemarie said...

Looking forward to meeting one of my fave bead artists in person at beadfest! And seeing these gorgeous creations in person!

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