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OPL Sale - Other People's Lampwork Sale!

When I started making jewelry years ago, I bought lots of other people's lampwork. I loved it. I loved the colors! I loved that people made them themselves. I really enjoyed the hunt on ebay for great beads! Now, I make my own lampwork beads. I have stashes of beads that I don't use anymore. So I am offering them here for greatly discounted prices! Each lot below is $10 plus $2 no frills shipping, except for the last item, which is $13 plus $2. I can't tell you who made them, I just know I bought them on ebay. I'll have some more sets tomorrow- if you purchase more than one set, I'll refund you excess shipping!
SOLD - OPL Lot 1 - Blue, violet and black 5 larger beads and 4 spacer sized beads $10 + $2

OPL Lot 2 - Boro pendant, $10 + $2

SOLD! OPL Lot 3 - one set of 8 green spacer beads, 1 set black and white beads $10 + $2

OPL Lot 4 - 6 bubble beads, one pink clear and black focal, 3 turquoise and ivory $10 + $2

OPL Lot 5 - 6 brown and raku beads, one coral and raku etched, one yellow and raku $13 + $2


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