Thursday, April 8, 2010

Phyllis Howard

I have to apologize to Phyllis Howard - I told her I would blog about this beautiful creation, and then my girl got a concussion, I had to do my medical tests, and then we went to Hilton Head for a week. This week, either me or my kid has had a doctor appointment every day. Today is the only non-doctor day, but I have to wait around to see what time I am scheduled for tomorrow's surgery!

So Phyllis, here is the promised look at your great work! Phyllis has an etsy store where she sells her work. She was a potter and now works with PMC and dichroic glass, as you can tell from the offeringings in her store. I love the piece on top with the turquoise - it's so pretty! I really like how the silver design curls around the turquoise round.

She made this necklace with some large hole beads I made for her. I really like how they look with the silver piece she made - the beads show off the silver, and the large silver PMC piece shows off the beads. This is a very striking necklace! Be sure to visit Phyllis' shop and see what she makes - it's all gorgeous!

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A great pairing!
Is your Girl alright?

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