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My First Beaded Bead

I mentioned that I wanted to go to the LBS to get some supplies to make some beaded beads - the kids were being too lazy for me to deal with! I did finally get there this morning and made my first beaded bead this afternoon. Here's how it turned out. NOT perfect, but not too bad, either. There are some places where I have too many beads. I do know that I will write down the number of beads in a row, for the next one, based on this one, to see if that helps. I did learn a few other things as well.

(1) You really need to have all your supplies laid out in an orderly fashion before you start on this project! Just a really good idea for about anything in life, I'd imagine, but especially when removing little bitty seed beads from the thread - they tend to go all over the place if you don't manage them ahead of time!

(2) Don't do bead weaving while you are making dinner, paying attention to three kids (clearly being outnumbered 3 to 1) AND trying to watch the news that you haven't seen for a week. Oh, and having that much needed glass of wine. Strike that - have the wine, don't do anything else!

(3) While you can leave a cross-stitch project and come back to it with no problem (I know this because cross-stitch is an art with which I have a lot of experience), you just can't leave this project to go flip the burgers or settle a dispute!

(4) You CAN improvise. I used size 11 seed beads and it looks fine - it might look more polished with size 15's, and I'll find that out when I get home to my order of size 15 beads that I can't wait to get, but 11's look ok!

Finally, thanks again to Cristi from 2ifbysea for sending me the pattern I used!

BTW, the engineer gets back tonight!!!!


Sandy said…
Looks quite good for a first. What stitch is used?
Mellisa said…
Looks great to me! I tried gourd/peyote stitched beads several months ago and ended up almost launching them airborne across my living room! I found another method that seems to work a little better for me but still not as neat as I'd like (note to those darn pics!).
Doreen said…
I like it! I made a bunch of these with size 15 beads....went blind, but they look cool!
sharon said…
sue, i love this bead to death and it just so happens that when i was working on some pieces tonight i really wished i had a beaded bead!! then i thought about looking in to making them and then i checked your blog and you did it! it's weird how we all seem to think alike sometimes!
did it take long? maybe cristi could hook me up with the pattern as well, i have tons of supplies for it already. keep beading sue!
You did good! Watch out, these little things can be addictive once you start using the size 15 beads!!!
SueBeads said…
Thanks everyone - it's a warp and web thing! Maybe Cristi knows what it's called! Thanks for all the comments - I'll try another with little or no interruptions this weekend and see what happens. And I can't wait to get the little tiny beads. I guess I'm glad I picked up those readers are border's afterall!
Rocki Adams said…
That is such a cool bead Sue! You are on a creating frenzy I see ;)

Have fun1
stregata said…
Looks lovely to me!
Kristin said…
This looks awesome! I love these beaded beads and I just no I wouldn't have the patience to do it! Keep up the work and then sell me some! LOL. :-)
SueBeads said…
Thanks again to everyone for the nice comments and encouragement! Makes me happy! :)

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