Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Customer Beads

I had a customer who placed an order, but wanted some of my beads in a bigger, focal size. These beads are all about 24mm and look really good, BIG! It's a little bit hard to tell just what size they are from the photo, but the dime should give you an idea. I thought I'd post a picture of them, so you can see that I am always flexible when it comes to my beads! If you want them bigger, I'll try that! If you want them on a different mandrel size, just ask! If you want something similar but in different colors, I'm always up for experimenting! In fact, I enjoy it!

I'll have some more beaded beads in my store later, and another Vetrofond ODD set in orange!


Kimizo said...

nice, i love it

SummersStudio said...

Nice, I love that top right one, especially much and the bottom right as well. Ok, love them all. Isn't it nice doing custom work? I also find myself spreading my wings a bit and trying things I might not do otherwise.

SueBeads said...

Thank you both! It is nice to do custom work - you get to think outside the box a little.