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Busy Week!

Well, I have a busy week here, it seems. I finally just finished the last of my orders this morning and went to lunch at Taipei Tokyo with my engineer (remember, it's our favorite place?!). My son has his travel fair tomorrow - he's so excited! He did Scotland and he's dressing up as Sean Connery (Sir Thomas Sean Connery, and yes, he was born in Scotland, oh, and he's dressing up as Sean Connery in Raiders of the Lost Ark, or one of those movies. Hey, there's like 3 or 4, right - I get them confused!) and we did a whole big tri-fold poster board and the bookmarks and my mom made scottie dog shortbread cookies. I think it's the best part of 5th grade!

On Wednesday and Thursday, my daughter has her 8th grade Operetta - this year they are doing Guys and Dolls. She is playing the saxophone for the music when the girls sing. She's a bit nervous - she was the only musician asked to play (yep, she's that good!). But I think she'll do fine! She's been taking saxophone for years. She also plays piano! Then, of all things, it will be spring break here. Oh my - two weeks of both kids home so they can fight. Actually, we're supposed to go toHilton Head so maybe they can fight outside!

In the beady meantime, it seems the poll indicates an even need for beads made with 1/16th inch madrels and ones made with 3/32nd inch mandrels. So I guess what I'll do it try to make some more with the 3/32nd inch mandrels! I added a few things to the etsy store, and I did a trade with a really cool artist that I will blog about when I get what she is sending me! I really like trades! The photo up above is of a set of earring beads (or really, whatever you want them to be!) that I listed in the etsy store! If you like them, you can get them for quite the reasonable price! Have a great Monday!


Leslie said…
Sounds like busy and fun filled days ahead. Hope all goes well for both of your children! Enjoy. It's goes by in a blink.
Happy Monday to you too!
Leslie said…
Sounds like a busy and fun filled week ahead for you and your children. Enjoy! It goes by in a flash. Happy Monday to you too.

sharon said…
sue, thanks for your nice comment on my pendants!! they will hopefully be for sale shortly on etsy if i can get my act together and finish! my day job gets in the way a lot! your beads are beautiful and i hope to buy some soon. i have some new pendants to post in a few days so please check back. thanks again!! i have met so many nice people through the abs that i'm really touched!!
SueBeads said…
The travel fair was fun, and my son was very excited! Everyone brought great food and I was glad I didn't have time to eat breakfast this morning, so I got to sample some great things!

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