Friday, March 13, 2009

My New Favorite Bead, OR Why Not To Take Pictures Outside On The Concrete Patio Just Because The Sun Is Shining!

My new favorite bead! I was so happy when it went into the kiln, I just couldn't wait to get it out! When the kiln was cool enough, I took it out and...there was a mark on it from the darn mandrel holder. Oh, well, I still loved it! I was going to wear it on a necklace myself and make another one tomorrow! Look - what's that yellow ball in the sky? The sun! Let's try to take a photo outside, since the girl it out there with her camera too! Clink (not really the sound it made, but I don't know how to make that sound!). See the cute blue wavy ruffle around the outside edge? You can't see the little chip that was made from the concrete. I had a photo I took, but it wasn't so great - the girl sent me this last night and it was much better!

Oh well. The bead was made from a base of sky blue, and wrapped with aqua and marine wave. I striped it with silvered ivory, made the nice light blue ruffle on the side, and dotted it with cobalt. I guess I will make another. It will be better, anyways!

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SummersStudio said...

Sue this bead has so much great movement. You should make more than one more. And if it is any consolation, last January I tripped over the dog in my studio and dropped an entire shelf of little bowls onto the concrete. They made something like a clink sound too. I made something a little louder and naughtier than a clink sound. And Alice went and hid under the table.

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