Saturday, December 31, 2011

Spring Sparkles!

I just listed these pretty spring sparkles in my SueBeads etsy store! Take a look! Today is the last day you can get 25% off in my store using the coupon code endofyearsale! Please take a look at what's there - this is the biggest sale amount I ever give and you should take advantage of it if you see something you like!!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Pantone's 2012 Color of the Year! And you can find these pretties in my SueBeads etsy store AND you can still get 25% off your order for a few more days by using coupon code endofyearsale!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Long time no blog! It's just been too busy, with frustrating things and with holiday things and I'm just ready for a nap! I am continuing my inventory sale until December 31st at midnight, so please use endofyearsale to get 25% off your order in my SueBeads etsy store! I'd really appreciate the orders!

I am continuing to add beads to the etsy store, so you can get some new beads for a great price if you use the code! Yesterday I had a little bit of time in between my laundry tub drain pipe bursting and my boyfriend coming to fix it, so I made some mini sparkle beads in some pretty colors which are going in the store shortly!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Inventory Reduction = Coupon Code!

I am not ready for Christmas. I had a migraine over the weekend. The medicine I used made me feel very wonky. Kids are home now. I need to reduce the inventory in my shop. Therefore, instead of having a daily deal, I am having a coupon code for my etsy store instead! Take 25% off your etsy order using code ENDOFYEARSALE. I'll ship your beadies out as soon and I receive your order!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sally Russick's Ornament Blog Hop!

The wonderful and talented Sally Russick hosted an ornament blog hop! Since I was having fun making ornaments this season, I thought I'd play along! My partner happened to be Kathleen Lange Klik who is also a very lovely and talented person! I am going to have to steal the photo she shows of the ornament I made for her, because I can't find mine (stomps foot and pouts). Here is what she made me! It's lovely and on my tree right now!
She made the clasp herself, the ceramic bead is Elaine Ray (yum) and she made the hammered square herself as well! I really love it! It looks fantastic on the front of my tree! Here's a list of everyone else who is participating - hop on over and see what they made!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

New Beads Listed

I have been listing a few new beads here and there, was feeling the glacier glass the other day so I made a few pairs with that glass, so pretty! Take a look in my SueBeads etsy store to see what's new!

Monday, December 12, 2011

New Deal

Well, I hope you all like this one, seems like I am missing on the others! Today is a selection of holiday-themed pairs of beads (there's still time, I will mail them out immediately after purchase) and you can make 4 pairs of holiday earrings for your loved ones. These are normally $10 a pair ($40 value) but today they are all for you for $25! That's a 38% savings! To purchase, click the buy now button below!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Friday, December 9, 2011

Special Spacer Deal! SOLD!!!!!

The lovely Melinda Orr posted a tutorial on her blog on how to create a paypal button! She is having a daily sale and I thought I'd join in! To say thanks to all my customers and blog readers this year, I'm going to offer some beads at special prices! Today, I'm offering this strand of 37 spacer beads for just $15 plus $2 shipping!!!!!!!!!! There's only one set available and I will ship internationally! Just click on the Buy Now button below!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lead Student

My son's school has a set of core values that every child is expected to follow and emulate. Each week, one student is chosen as "lead student". This means they emulate the core values to an exceptional degree and are recognized for their leadership abilities. My son was lead student for the past week! Today at chapel, he traded in the medallion that the kids get to wear all week (as recognition for lead student) for a pin that he will get to wear on his chapel jacket lapel! I am so proud of him! He has become such a mature young man this school year, in addition to having an unbelievable growth spurt! I keep telling my friends he must want something really really big for Christmas, but I couldn't be happier with my kids! I am a single parent and as many of you know, it's very hard to do all you have to do and make sure your kids are on the right track all on your own. I have some pretty amazing kids!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Art Bead Scene Ornament Blog Hop

Heather Powers, of the Art Bead Scene, is hosting an ornament blog hop! Not only that, but if you check out the Art Bead Scene, there will be a giveaway as well!

I had a lot of fun making my ornaments! I used some vintage chandelier prisms that my mom had bought years ago. They are in really great shape!
I used my own baroque style beads, as well. And to complete the ornament, I made some of these pretty ornament hangers - you can find the tutorial here.
I made some more ornaments with my beads, using the clear chandelier prisms and think they look fantastic too!
You can purchase your own baroque ornament beads in my SueBeads etsy store - and with each purchase, I am including an ornament hanger that I made, free!

So hop on over to the rest of the participants to see what pretty things they made:

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Gem Rose Designs
Jewels by Ine
BeeTree by M.E.
Islandgirl's Insights
Angela Lund-Logan
Gem's PC Corner
Summers Studio
Sandy Volpe
The Next Bend
Skye Jewels
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Elysian Studios
Art Bead Scene

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pixie Shimmer Baroque Earrings

I may have mentioned I love this shape of bead I have been making! These are perfect for winter, or the holidays! They are made with white glass and pixie dust that shimmers like snow!

To make them, I put a small silver seed bead on a headpin, a baroque lampwork bead by me, and a siam simlicity swarovski crystal bead. Make a wrapped loop and you are ready to put them on your ear wires! Very quick and easy, a perfect gift for the holidays! You can find beads like this in my SueBeads etsy store!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Color Challenge Reveal

Today is the day of Erin Prais-Hintz' Color Challenge Reveal! Erin, of Tesori Trovati, assigned each participant a color palette from Design Seeds and we were to make a piece of jewelry incorporating some or all of the colors.I received the color palette Zinnia Tones. I chose pink because I had this unfinished piece for my mom, and knew this would force me to finish it for her!
It started with a gorgeous pink chain I custom ordered from Miss Fickle Media (Shannon does awesome work!) to match the heart pendant I made from washi paper and amazing glaze. My mom had requested a pink piece of jewelry.
I had fun making all my bronze balled-end head-pins - I got to use my Lenk torch again, and tumbled them all shiny! I used my own lampwork beads in coordinating colors - the ones that look somewhat blue (at least on my monitor) are actually made from evil purple and are actually purple! I made the wraps somewhat informal on purpose, to kind of offset the formality of the whole necklace. I want it to be wearable with many different things!
I used coordinating swarovski crystal colors in bicones and rounds. They were pink, purple and very light topaz. It is so hard to see the correct colors because I am taking the photos at night here in Pittsburgh where we get less sunny days than Seattle.

I hope you enjoyed looking at the piece I made and I hope you check out what these other fabulous designers made with their color palettes!

1 Norma Turvey Teal Color Crave
2 Jeannie Dukic Green Mineral Tones
3 Mary McGraw Teal Embellished Hues
4 Jo Tinley Red Decadent Tones
5 Rebecca Anderson Pink Tulip Tones
6 Kristi Jaro Red Temple Entrance
7 Stephani Gorman Green Dew Tones
8 Melissa Meman Green Fruit Star
9 Kathleen Lange Klik Teal Silk Hues
10 Cynthia Riggs Red Autumn Comfort
11 Heidi Post Teal Flora Bright
12 Cece Cormier Teal Merino Teal
13 Amy Freeland Gray Cultured Tones
14 Alice Peterson Blue Island Play
15 Rose Noble Gray Autumn Stacked
16 Kristina Johansson Yellow Sunny Flower
17 Kirsi Luostarinen Teal Dragon Hues
18 Tari Kahrs Orange Citrus Tones
19 Mallory Hoffman Purple Petaled Dark
20 Molly Alexander Brown Peppered Tones
21 Regina Santerre Red Frosted Berry
22 Emanda Johnson Teal Color Purl
23 Amy Severino Orange Winged Tones
24 Bobbie Rafferty Teal Lime Hues
25 Tanya Goodwin Gray Pecked Tones
26 Lisa Lodge Blue Nocturnal Tones
27 Hope Smitherman Blue Bloom Tones
28 Linda Landig Green Cacti Dark
29 Ambra Gostoli Teal Perched Autumn
30 Lori Bowring-Michaud Blue Sharpened Blue
31 Pippa Chandler Teal Hungarian Hues
32 Keirsten Giles Purple Mineral Brights
33 Jennifer Justman Blue Autumn Rays
34 Sandy Richardson Purple Moroccan Brights
35 CJ Bauschka Teal Teal Air
36 Shaiha Williams Teal Sushi Hues
37 Kay Thomerson Purple Autumn Spectrum
38 Sally Russick Purple Golden Gate Tones
39 Cilla Watkins Purple Autumn Infused
40 Shirley Moore Purple Frozen Heather
41 Jenni Connolly Gray Paw Tones
42 Tamara Soper Green Field Tones
43 Sharyl McMillian-Nelson Blue Nested Blues
44 Jen Velasquez Pink Sweetened Tints
45 Maria Grimes Red Bright Bloom
46 Elisabeth Auld Gray Petaled Tints
47 Susan Kennedy Pink Zinnia Tones
48 Shannon Chomanczuk Gray Autumn Leaf
49 Holly Westfall Yellow Sprinkled Tones
50 Patty Gasparino Red Color Carton
51 Angela Little Pink Singapore Brights
52 Lizzie Zawinski Green Budding Hues
53 Kristen Stevens Pink Scooped Tones
54 Dawn Doucette Brown Jarred Tones

Monday, November 28, 2011

Glass Headpin Challenge Reveal Day!

Today's the day! I issued a challenge for blog readers to see what you would make with a pair of my glass headpins. 5 were chosen for the challenge and you can find their links below. Here is what I made from my pair!I used my snowflower headpins to make a cute wintry pair of earrings. The beads are my ice sparkle lampwork beads, set off by two filigree bead caps.
I used opal blue swarovski crystals to complete the earring dangles, wrapped up the steel wire, and made sterling ear wires to finish them off! All in all, I really really like them! To see what everyone else made, follow their links below:

Thanks for playing, ladies!

Remember to use the coupon code craftshow15 in my SueBeads etsy store for 15% off your order plus free ear wires with the purchase of earring pairs until the end of the Virtual Craft Show!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Virtual Craft Show continues on Lori Anderson's blog! Today you can see me and what I have contributed to the giveaway!

7 Days, 70 Artists, GIVING AWAY 70 things.

Can you believe it????

Here's how you win:

For each of the 7 days of the show, you get a point for each of the following (you don't have to do all four)....

Commenting on her BLOG

Facebooking the page

Twittering the page

Blogging the page

***** Please note, the way you win is by doing all of this on Lori's BLOG, not mine or the other artists. Lori is coordinating the giveaways and will give us the name of who won the prize we donated!******

During the craft show, starting tomorrow, you can use coupon code CRAFTSHOW15 in my etsy store to take 15% off your order, PLUS a free pair of copper or brass ear wires will be included with ALL earring pairs beads purchased!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Lori Anderson's Virtual Craft Show - Find Me There!

Lori Anderson is at it again! She is hosting her first "Virtual Craft Show" on her blog! And I'm a part of it!

7 Days, 70 Artists, GIVING AWAY 70 things.

Can you believe it????

Here's how you win:

For each of the 7 days of the show, you get a point for each of the following (you don't have to do all four)....

Commenting on her BLOG

Facebooking the page

Twittering the page

Blogging the page

***** Please note, the way you win is by doing all of this on Lori's BLOG, not mine or the other artists. Lori is coordinating the giveaways and will give us the name of who won the prize we donated!******

See her blog for details starting tomorrow (November 26th).

During the craft show, starting tomorrow, you can use coupon code CRAFTSHOW15 in my etsy store to take 15% off your order, PLUS a free pair of copper or brass ear wires will be included with ALL earring pairs beads purchased!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Ornament Hanger How-To

Some of you may have seen ornament hangers and said, I can do that! Some of you may have seen them and said, How do I do that? This tutorial is for you. This is for a simple ornament hanger you can make all by yourself with a few tools and wire!


Wire Cutter
Round Nose Pliers
Wrap-N-Tap pliers (large)


18 gauge silver-filled or silver-plated wire

1. Start by flush cutting a 3" piece of wire with your wire cutters. Notice I used the ever-popular dinosaur ruler we got in a shoe-store many moons ago!

2. Using the round nose pliers, place your wire 1/3 of the way down the plier and make a loop. If you are making lots of hangers, you may want to use a sharpie to mark the place where you want to wrap the wire if you want them all uniform in size.

3. Finish the loop all the way.

4. Place the loop in the Wrap-N-Tap plier on the first round. If you want larger loops for your hanger, you should cut a larger piece of wire. Make sure the loop is secure in the plier and in the direction you want it to go!

5. Using your thumb, wrap the wire around the loop of the Wrap-N-Tap plier all the way. Remove it from the plier, and you will have a hook with a loop on one end at this point.

6. Using the bottom 1/3 of your round-nose pliers, make another loop, which will be bigger than the first loop.

7. Finish shaping if you need to. At this point, you can work harden with a mallet and bench block if you like. I prefer to tumble mine because in addition to hardening the silver, it makes it all nice and shiny!!!!

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial!

And now for a surprise! Use coupon code Turkey in my SueBeads etsy store today (Thanksgiving Day) and Black Friday all day for free shipping! And watch for a great happening with Lori Anderson's blog on Saturday!!! Shopping and winning excitement for all!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bead Update!

I have some new beads in my etsy store, and will have more listed later as well! I will also be directing you later to the really cool event Lori Anderson is holding on her blog over the weekend.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Coral Rocks

Just listed some coral type beads in my etsy store, made from coral glass and baking soda - they really look like coral! You can find them here!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Cool Beads!

I am listing some cool beads in my etsy store tonight! The pixies are made from pixie dust and are much prettier in person! The rocks are actually glass and dipped in baking soda for a cool effect! Hope you like them - you can find them here!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

New Headpins

I made some new headpins the other day, I had a great time making them! You can find them in the SueBeads etsy store!

More Customer Work

Adlinah, from Singapore, had purchased some of my enameled leaves and made these pretty earrings from them! I am jealous of her because she can travel to Tokyo and buy amazing Japanese beads! When I was there, I didn't have time, nor did I know where to find them, to buy beads - now I'm kicking myself because I'll probably never get there again! That's a little lesson - live life to the fullest every day! Do what you want! Take detours! Have fun!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Customer Work!

This is a very long overdue post to highlight some of my wonderful customers and the work they do with my beads! Click on their names and you can visit their stores on etsy!

Kristin TurconeKristin made these very cute earrings from my lampwork beads - she has a great store on etsy called SushiKo!

Courtney BreulShe made this beautiful bracelet using one of my enameled filigree pieces as the connector; very creative!

Rosemarie Cowit
Rosemarie made these cute earrings with my lampwork beads; they are listed in her new etsy store!

Sally made these beautiful earrings with my lampwork beads. She's an amazing artist and a very sweet person - I have had the pleasure to meet her in person!

Karon used my lampwork beads to make these great earrings. She has the most colorful shop on etsy!

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