Monday, March 2, 2009

Save Money, Buy More Beads!

I don't know if you watch Dr. Phil or not (I have it on for noise most days, but don't actually watch it) but today he did a show all about saving money! I guess we can all do a little bit of that! There was one segment I found interesting. Frugal Coupon Mom has a blog dedicated to helping you organize, find, print and use coupons to save money at the store. The reason I mention it is, the more money you save, the more beads you can buy! So start saving! Have a great day! It was too cold to torch in the basement today - hopefully tomorrow I can get to the orders I have. And by the way ladies, thanks for the orders!

1 comment:

2ifbysea said...

Woohoo! I'm all for clipping coupons so I can buy more beads! Thansk for the info, Sue.

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