Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hoops Challenge Reveal Day

I was lucky enough to be chosen by the lovely Lorelei Eurto to participate in her Hoops Challenge! Today is the reveal day! She chose 6 people to make something with these gorgeous hoops from Karen Totten of Starry Road Studio!  I had the pleasure of meeting both of them at Bead Fest Philly this year, and they are really some lovely people!

These are the hoops we were sent.  The challenge was to really go outside the box and make anything our heart desired. 
I really really wanted to make myself a necklace with these - I had them laying on my counter for a week in the design that I wanted to make.  But - I also wanted to do something different, to show you how flexible Karen's components are!  So!  I made ornaments!  I was looking at another piece I made at ArtBLISS two years ago, and had a vision for how I wanted these ornaments to be!  I really like the vintage feel of these hoops - not only in the shape, but in the color as well.  I used brass because I felt it went well with the Victorian feel I was looking for.
This one is made with chain, a handmade hanger, and two pearls separated by a rondelle spacer.  I really like it!

This one was made with one of my own sugar beads, a handmade hanger, and a plumb bob that to me looks kind of like a Christmas tree. 
Finally this pink one has a sugar bead, a handmade hanger, and three dangles - a heart charm, a bird, and a pearl.  I also used victorian/vintage looking bead caps on the lampwork bead, and I think they go very well with the theme I was trying to accomplish!

See the list of participants below, give them some love, and then go to Karen's shop to give her some love as well!  Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Sugar Beads

I just listed a bunch of sugar beads in my SueBeads etsy store!  Just in time for your holiday jewelry making!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Octoberfest Reveal!

The lovely Rita, from Jewel School Friends, is hosting a blog hop today!  The theme is Octoberfest, and we were supposed to show something we have created related to the current them of Autumn.  I made this beaded - yes, BEADED! - box a long time ago, when I was still doing cross-stitch!  But it's so appropriate that it is BEADED, because as you know, I am hopelessly addicted to all things beads!  I was going to make a bracelet for me from beads I just received from Nan Emmett, but didn't have time. Maybe I'll have time to add the photo later!  In the meantime, enjoy all the Octoberfest-ive creations from everyone else:

Host Toltec Jewels
Heather Otto         
Mischelle Fanucchi
Marlene Cupo        
Shaiha Williams     ;
Shelly Graham Turner ;
Shelly Joyce         
Charlie Jacka        
Pam Sears           
Margareta Saari    
Marita Suominen   
Lisa Posthumus    
Jeannie Dukic       
Cheri Reed           
Arlene Dean         
Duffy Blevins        
Susan Kennedy    --------------------------> YOU ARE HERE!
Dita Basu            
Sonya Ann Stille  
Audrey Allen        
Kashmira Patel     
Kathy Lindemer    
Kris Mattingly       
Lennis Carrier       
Shannon Hicks     
Paula Hisel          
Karin Slaton         
Shirley Moore       
Alicia Marinache   
Valeria G. Rome   
Zoe Marcin           
Carolyn Lawson    
Kimberly Booth     
Sherri Stokey        
Tanya McGuire       ;
Debbie Rasmussen
Christine Stonefield
Tanty Sri Hartanti   
Sandra McGriff       
Renetha Stanziano 
Evelyn Shelby        
Colene Waltermire  
Lee Nova               

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Blue Bracelet Blog Hop! November 25th

One of my donations to 7,000 Bracelets of Hope

Are you familiar with the 7,000 Bracelets for Hope campaign?  Many of us bead makers and jewelry designers are.  It's a bracelet program for people or families who suffer rare genetic diseases.  Here's a bit of information directly from their donation page:

"Cause bracelets have been available for breast cancer and heart disease but there has never been a unifying symbol, color or bracelet that represents the rare and genetic disease community.  That’s why we started the 7,000 Bracelets for Hope™ campaign.
Since launching the campaign in 2010, Global Genes has received thousands of unique blue themed bracelet designs made from everything from cut strips of recycled denim to vintage blue glass to turquoise stones. The creativity from our volunteers is truly inspiring!
The number 7,000 represents the 7,000 different rare diseases that impact 1 in 10 people, 30 million Americans and 350 million globally.  Each individual blue bracelet design we receive represents the uniqueness of one of the 7,000 rare diseases and many of our volunteers send in multiple copies of a single design.
Our goal is to continue to collect unique bracelets made by jewelry designers, artists, crafters, church groups, girl scout troops and other volunteers and distribute them to our families fighting rare and genetic diseases. Adults receive handcrafted bracelets made by our jewelry designers while children receive love friendship bracelets filled with hope."

I was just contacted by Lisa James (Manager of Community Development for Global Genes/Rare) and asked if I would host a blog hop, as they are in need of at least 40 bracelets right now!  I said YES!  While I'd love to get more than 40 participants, or 40 bracelets, let's just do our best to get close to that number!

Here are the details:

1.  Sign up here on this blog post, until October 31.  Why that date?  I don't's just a random date.  I'd like to be able to eventually publish a list of participants but I'll take participants for the whole entire time!

2.  Go to their donation page so you can sign up, and get the address to send the bracelets too, and instructions!  The bracelet should be blue, and the clasp should be somewhat adjustable as you don't know the wrist size of the person receiving your bracelet.

3.  Make a blue bracelet, and on November 25th we'll have a blog hop and reveal the braclets we made!  Oh, and you CAN make more than one!  My friend Patti Vanderbloemen recently donated 75 bracelets to the annual Global Genes Gala in LA!  Talk about dedication!

So simple!  If you have any questions please ask me.  If I can't direct you to the answer, I will direct you to Lisa James.   

Friday, October 19, 2012


Sometimes when I have mandrels that bend or get wonky, I make plant pokes.  Here's some flowers I made recently.  These were the first ones I made - I made them quickly because I was afraid they would crack from thermal shock, so they aren't the greatest.  I wanted to get a feel for how to make them!  But now that I do, I see myself making a lot more of these! Cuz those 1/16" mandrels don't last all that long!

Thursday, October 18, 2012


I'm having a sale in my SueBeads etsy store!  Use coupon code FLASH15 for 15% off your order from Thursday October 18 - Sunday, October 21st!  I'll be adding beads over the weekend, too!  Get yourself ready for the holidays with this sale!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

New Beads Listed!

 I've just listed a bunch of new beads in the SueBeads etsy shop, including some great spacer grab bag sets for a great price of $9 in many colors!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I was picked!

I was picked!  I'm super excited to say I was picked as one of the 6 lucky designers to participate in Lorelei's next challenge!  Karen from Starry Road Studio graciously donated 6 sets of these hoops to see what can be done with them!  The reveal is October 30th!  Check back then to see what I came up with, and the 5 other lucky winners!

BTW - large hole beads are still available if anyone wants free shipping!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Large Hole Bead Sets

I have some large hole bead sets available right now! I made them for my "big" show that turned out to be a "big" bust - each set is $25.  If you buy them off my blog right now, I'll throw in free no frills shipping!  Otherwise they will end up on etsy tomorrow!  Let me know what you want in comments and I'll send you a paypal invoice!  Thanks!  There are multiples of the Christmas sets, and two each of the first set and the orange set.

SOLD - Thank you!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lucky Me!

I was lucky enough to win one of Pearl's giveaways on The Beading Gem's Journal!  I won a set of tutorials from Corra from deCors Handmade Jewelry!  Please visit her and check out her tutorials!  They are really great and should add nicely to my soon-to-become-wrapping repetoire!  These are the tutorials I chose!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Art Jewelry Elements

I am thrilled to announce that I am one of the new members of the art-inspired blog, Art Jewelry Elements!  Today is my first post over there, so I'd love it if you would go take a look, sign up, and give us some love!  We have a very talented pool of women who are an inspiration to me and will be to you too!  Today I wrote about how I am getting ready for my big show, and showed some non-jewelry related items that I made!

Art Elements Theme of the Month - Tidepools

It's time for another challenge, and this month Lesley picked tidepools as the theme for May!  I was all over it! I've been spending...