Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Yes, Jen Judd Really Rocks!

Jen Judd was my matchbox bead swap partner (thanks to Lori Anderson for arranging this little swap), and I have to say, she really rocks! The box she sent me was oh so cute! Flowers everywhere! She sent me a KEY for all the beads she sent - they are amazing and different, just like her! I have to say this girl is an over-achiever! I will be making some enameled beads today, and will be sending her some!


Katie said...

That box is really cute...and reminds me that I REALLY need to take pictures of my swap beads...That goes on my to-do list for tonight :o)

You got a great stash of beads!

Jenny J-V said...

Haaaaaaaa. I'm not an over-achiever...I just have a lot of spare time. Make something cool!

Pretty Things said...

Awesome stuff!