Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jen Judd Rocks Again!

Here's a photo collage (borrowed) from Jen Judd's blog. She used beads I made and sent to her in the bead swap to make these very cool earrings! The first is a set of enameled beads I made (learned from the lovely Barbara Lewis!) and the second pair of earrings was made using beads from a recycled wine bottle!


Dawn Doucette said...

Sue, I couldn't agree more! Jen Judd does rock! ;) I follow both of your blogs "almost religiously" and you both share so many wonderful projects. I love what Jen did with your custom beads! All are magnificent!

Thanks for sharing!

Jen V. said...

Thanks so much!!! I'm so glad you like the results. I think it's cool that the greenies are from a wine bottle. I have a piece coming out in Stringing in the summer with some rings made from wine bottles...it makes me thirsty just thinking about it! haaaaaaaaa

Mary Newton Designs said...

The enamel beads are great! And how cool are beads from a recycled wine bottle?!


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