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Some Days...

Some days are great, others are not. The other day, my daughter and I were in the grocery store and the bakers were playing a game. Stand on a number; if they pick your number, you win a cake. Guess what? I won! Then, when I got home, I found that I had won a blog giveaway (which I will show you when it arrives)! Wow - I should play the lottery, I thought. BAM - going down the stairs in my socks, I fell - I have huge deep bruises on my arm and my backside! Really hurts. Then I got to participate in an ultrasound, and my son is having some anxiety. Life goes on, the birds keep singing. Thankfully spring is a mere 19 days away!

St. Patrick's Day is not very far away, as well. I have some nice green beads in the SueBeads etsy store, and on my web site! Check them out if you like to make themed jewelry!


Katie said…
Good grief! I guess you used up all of your luck too early in the day? I hope you feel better - I hate big mean bruises...If it tells you anything about me...I was THRILLED when I saw that our house had rounded corners :o) The fewer corners to bump into, the better...SO, I guess it's a good thing my house doesn't have stairs!
SummersStudio said…
Awww, Sue, how awful. Good you didn't break anything. But ouch. Was the cake good? If it was chocolate, that would be a little compensation.
Silver Parrot said…
ACCK! I am the queen of falling down at home so I totally know how you feel. So sorry it happened to you and hope the bruises heal fast!
Jenny J-V said…
Cake's good! But a fall...that's bad. I fell down the steps one time in my house all by myself and didn't happen to have any clothes on...all I could think of was that this was how the emergency people would find me! Luckily, I just had a couple of bruises and some brushburn (on key padded hind areas!) haaaaaa
Anonymous said…
good~ keep sharing with us, please....I will waiting your up date everyday!! Have a nice day........................................

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