Monday, March 15, 2010


The engineer is in Germany, in Essen, giving an invited talk. He sent me some photos from Dusseldorf, including this one. I assume it must be on a bank!

Dies Marchen Wird Wohl Niemals Wahr. Das Leben Lehrt Sei Klug Und Spar.

This fairytale will probably never come true. Life teaches you to be smart and save.


SummersStudio said...

arr, arrh, that is funny.

Jenny J-V said...

I bet your engineer is a riot!! haaaaaa

Check my post from today...showing a little SueBead love. Hope you think the earrings do your beadies justice!

stregata said...

It must be a bank!

Barbara Lewis said...

I love what Jen did with your beads! A beautiful collaboration! Sorry you're not with the engineer. A trip to Europe right about now sounds nice! :-)

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