Thursday, August 4, 2011

Vacation and 10% off!

I am going on vacation! Starting Saturday (6th August) until the 17th August, I will be at the beach! While my parents are watching my house, I won't be asking them to mail any packages! So that translates into a deal for you! If you want anything mailed by tomorrow, please visit my SueBeads etsy store and make your purchase - I will mail tomorrow! Otherwise, it will have to wait to be mailed until August 18th! However, since you have to wait for your goodies, I will be glad to offer you 10% off your order with the coupon code vacation in the etsy store! And, for those of you who can't wait and want to order today or tomorrow, you can use the coupon code as well! So please visit the SueBeads etsy store and take advantage of the coupon code vacation for 10% off your order until August 18th!


Mary Newton Designs said...

Have a great vacation, Sue! I love the beach :)

Marie Cramp said...

I was just about to say, darn it I missed your sale! but it looks like I'm good! :) Going to have a peak!!


Chrizette said...

I love these beads, Sue. Hope you don't mind that I add them to my WISH LIST MONDAY meme (Monday in a week's time) - I will link to you off course :)

Bead Soup Mix

Pretty Things said...

I LOVE that color!