Friday, August 26, 2011

Artisan Clay Design Team Reveal - August

As you may know, Kristie Roeder is hosting a design team! Once a month, she sends us a cool piece she made and we make some jewelry with it! The reveal date is the last Friday of the month. Here is my piece for the month!

She sent me a shard with two loops so I immediately, after thinking on a it for a while, decided that it would be a connector. I made two ribbed round beads out of metallic black glass to match the raku of the shard. I also used some African beads I got from The Bead Chest a while ago as accents. Finally, I ran out to Michaels yesterday to buy 5 kinds of chain - black, gunmetal, brass, copper, and "silver". I really like how all the chain looks together and can see a bracelet just made from layers and layers of this chain! Chain is in, you know!

I hope you like my piece! Please visit Kristie's blog to see everyone else's creations!


pam ferrari said...

I love it!

Artisan Clay said...

Beautiful Susan!
I love how you used all the different chain! I really wanted to use a multi-strand design with my piece too!
Thank you!
Artisan Clay

stacilouise said...

That is awesome! Love the colors and textures in it!

Therese's Treasures said...

Oh yeah I like it a lot Sue, very current!

For My Sweet Daughter said...

Love it!
Glad I just got a $5.00 off coupon for Michaels because I totally need to try that now :-)

Patti Van said...

That is beautiful and I LOVE all the chain! But mostly - the beads you made look awesome with the focal!

Carol Dean said...

Wonderful bracelet! ;)

Penny said...

The mix of metals really adds to the connector. Beautiful piece.

Jen V. said...

I love it! That shard could've been a huge puzzle and you made it work perfectly! I love the chain idea...I have so much chain around that I've gotten on sale or from repurposed vintage pieces, I really need to get more creative with it.
Take care!

Jennifer Cameron said...

I love this bracelet, Sue! First of all, I would totally make lampwork beads like that (it's DSP, right? My #1 go to glass color other than clear). The shard looks like it could be a found piece from an architectural dig along with the lampwork. The several strands of chain add the balance needed for the shard and beads. LOVE it!

artybecca said...

Nice bracelet Sue! Great mix of pieces!

Amy B. said...

Love love love!!
I have a piece just like this from Kristie!
Thank you for the clever inspiration to use it as part of the clasp!