Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wonderful People

Recently, Erin Prais-Hintz of Treasures Found (Tesori Trovati) hosted a series of challenges. The one I entered was to use items from the hardware store to make jewelry. Below are the earrings I made with some lock washers used as jump rings. Not fantastic, but cute - I liked them but commented that I would never win with this entry - there were some really amazing entries. To my surprise, I was randomly chosen as the winner!
I received Erin's package last week, and this is what I found when I opened the envelope. Isn't her packaging wonderful? I love how she had ribbon made with her logo on it, and the sticker on the matching box is just fantastic, as well.

Her business card is so classy and earthy - it's really a work of art all by itself!

These earrings were the prize that Erin contributed. They are made with some nuts and springs, as well as sushi roll felt beads. They are very cute! Very original!

Kerry Bogert, of KABS Concepts, also contributed a prize to the challenge - her own mixed media painting/collage. Isn't it fantastic? (Kerry just received the advance copy of her new book, that will be out this spring - watch for it!!!) I received this yesterday and I am just in awe - she makes beautiful beads, as everyone knows, but look at her talent in terms of painting and collage! She has so much energy, I wish I had just half of it!

I feel very lucky to have been chosen to win this challenge - I'm going to put Kerry's collage on my new beading table.

I will be having a giveaway soon, as how can I pass up the chance to pass on this amazing karma of these amazing people!?!??!!?


Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

Wow! Stunning work!

Marie Cramp said...

I am so happy for you!! You give us so much, you really deserve it :)


Marie Cramp said...

BTW, the earrings are awesome!! I think those ear wires compliment your beads perfectly, and the little washers are great!!


SharonP said...

Very pretty earrings, Sue! Congrats on your win and all those yummy goodies!

stregata said...

Congrats, Sue, very deserved!!

Azure Islands Designs said...

Very pretty earrings...the washer look great a part of the earrings!

Congratulations on your win...wonderful prizes!


Pretty Things said...

I have three of Kerry's paintings with glass -- I guess you could say I'm addicted! And I love Erin's work, including her packaging!

Kerry said...

Sue, thanks so much for showing me so much love! I am so very glad you are happy with your prize!!


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